Question by Hazel86: If you know a lot about quality dog food and/or feed a grain free diet, I’d like to hear your opinion?
Okay, I work at a pet store that sells high quality and grain free foods such as taste of the wild, merrick, wellness, eagle holistic, evolve, nature’s variety, wysong, halo, etc. Well, today at work, I was reading an article about a new line of food we will be carrying from wysong called “Wysong Epigen” (it’s a dry dog and cat food), and the article is titled “Starch free vs. Grain free”. Here is the article: (ps – in your response to the article, I don’t want to hear you advocating raw food, I don’t care, all I want opinions on is the commercial dry foods, thanks)

“Starch is the fundamental problem is all kibble pet foods. “Epigen” is the first kibble pet food absent of this unnatural (to carnivorous pets) sugar source (starch is simply a polysugar). Grain free products have merely replaced grain with other, less healthy starches such as potatoes, peas, and tapioca. This solves nothing. It only creates a perception of benefit that, according to scientific studies, is not true. Starch is starch, whether it’s from potatoes and tapioca, or corn and wheat.

Starch-free Epigen represents a true first, and is an honest, natural, and healthy product. Grain free diets are marketed as “new”, “more natural” “more wild”, “just like raw” and “more meat”. All such claims are false and misleading.

Starch-free Epigen replaces the starch ingredients with proteins (the carnivore’s main requirement) and a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Grain free products are not only laden with starches, they are nutritionally inferior. Moreover, studies have shown that by replacing grain starches with other forms. beneficial probiotics are decreased and pathogenic bacteria are increased.

Grain free products have only been falsely promoted as more akin to what dogs and cats would eat in the wild. Grain free diets have no science behind them and solve no health problems because they contain the same problematic starch that has been in all pet foods since the beginning. They do, however, create an illusion of benefit and uniqueness, but that only justifies an inflated price. What has driven grain free is marketing industry trending, hype, and profiteering.”

I am not a fan of this article. I have switched many people’s dogs with skin issues to grain free foods and have had GREAT feedback from most, and my dog is on Taste of the Wild, and his mild dry skin has disappeared. Do you agree with this article, or do you think it’s just marketing on Wysong’s part? thanks for reading.
we are not about marketing. We care about the foods for the pet. This is simply something that was faxed to us by Wysong company. I DO NOT like what they are saying, and I promote grain free feeding, and I feel as though this article does nothing buy bash it..

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Answer by Katie
We feed our dog ChoiceOne Meijer brand food and and water!!

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