NO AMMUNITION FOR THE 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS ALEX JONES INFOWARS COPYRIGHT FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN COPYRIGHT FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN COPYRIGHT FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN COPYRIGHT FREE A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!! THE MARCH FOR TRUTH IS ON!!!! http Join the Alex Jones “NWO Watch Dog” Forum at PENSACOLA- Its getting harder to bear arms… Guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves at local stores. Business owners say it’s been happening ever since the new administration took office. First on 3 Channel Three’s Grace White shows us what one local shop is doing to make up for the shortfall. Larry Blackburn, Ammunition Sales “It’s hard to find ammunition, it’s hard to find some of these weapons, I’ve got people calling me up saying I can’t find it… can you help me?” Larry Blackburn says he’s been ordering supplies daily to keep up with demand. At ammunition sales…Blackburn’s local shop… Sales have quadrupoled since last year. Larry Blackburn, Ammunition Sales: “You can thank President Obama for that, he’s the best salesman I never had to employ.” Though the Obama Administration has introduced no legislation… Just the possibility is enough to make some people buy. Ed Kessler, Gun owner: “I think people are nervous about the new administration and what is going to happen with gun control laws

“Crush videos”, dog fights and the 1st Amendment. Did you know?

Question by Been There: “Crush videos”, dog fights and the 1st Amendment. Did you know?
This what crush videos are:
“…crush videos,” in which women stomp on small animals with their feet in a manner that some people find sexually arousing.” [Business Week; 4/20/10]

The videos were first targeted by Congress in 1999. This week’s Supreme Court ruling against banning video-posted dog fights was based on it.

This more fully describes the problem with the1999 law (WARNING – I think there is a photo of a kitten on the top right corner of the page. I couldn’t bare to really look at it):

“Crush Videos: Animal Torture and Murder as a Fetish” – Published May 22, 2007 by: Laura Brady
“Crush videos are film for fetishists who can only achieve sexual gratification by seeing a woman in high heels torture and dominate an animal and finally kill it by viciously crushing it. It is an obscenity that has been around for many years but with the internet it is almost impossible to stop the proliferation and publication of these videos.”

Is there a way to balance Free Speech and the creating, selling or showing these videos?

Best answer:

Answer by Glenn Beck Teabagged Me!
Free speech becomes illegal when you start to break other laws. In this case, animal cruelty.

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