Question by jhays7336: I am looking for some information on a print “Blue Dog”,I bought it at a gallery in New Orleans years ago.
He is a cartoon like image by Rodrigue. I bought it because it made me laugh when I walked by. I also found a book later about it and bought it. Since then I have seen it as a backdrop from the show “Friends” in Central Perk the coffee shop they hang out in, and in magazines for Absolute Vodka. The book “Blue Dog Man “Fuzzy Blue Dog” on the cover has about his scenery and Blue Dog information inside, I would like to know more. Curious [email protected]

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Answer by Sumeraine
Here you go. this is from an ad the studio has on the internet.


Printed 1993; Remarqued in 2007

Signed and Numbered edition of 100,
each with an original sketch by George Rodrigue
Lithograph 20×24 inches

This remarqued edition of WASHINGTON BLUE DOG is available on-line for approximately a month, or until sold out. (posted August 20, 2007)
On-line orders must be shipped, and may not be picked up at any Rodrigue Studio location.

Also available for purchase by calling
Rodrigue Studio Aspen (970-920-7726)
Rodrigue Studio Carmel (831-626-4444)
Rodrigue Studio New Orleans (504-581-4244)
Rodrigue Studio Lafayette (337-233-3274)

* price subject to change without notice

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