Why would killing an aggressive dog be violent?

Question by anti yuppie: Why would killing an aggressive dog be violent?

I asked a question, regarding aggressive dogs in my neighborhood and by me saying I will kill the aggressive dog, people thought it was “a fake question”, “im not a dog lover” or that it was “violent?”

I’m happy I live in Alaska. We value the lives of people and our own pets more than an aggressive dog that attacks people? I’m confused.

I can assure you I am not a dog hater, im not sad, im not violent…im very happy 😀 I love dogs, ..but I would not hesitate to kill an aggressive one – No way!

My dogs my little buddy! I love dogs!
Me and Moose
Going to the beach with my lil buddy

What would you do in my situation?
(keeping in mind the area you live has no animal control)
Sorry, not trying to stir up any trouble . Just curious as to what people would do in this situation, or views on this topic in general! It really does interest me on how different cultures treat animals or how they regard different animals.

For example tourists will come up to fish here and after catching a red (salmon) just throw it up on the bank…WHAT?! No no no…that is the most inhumane thing you can do. It is going to lay on shore dieing painfully! But then a toursit will look at you in disgust when you slit the gills of the fish you caught and it bleeds everywhere or you bonk it on the head with a rock (this only looks cruel but is done to knock the fish out or for it to bleed out so it dies as painlessly as possible).

And as for bears, oh yeah i’m suprised they dont make it open season for bears! We had too many bears last summer, and this summer they estimate that the number will triple! Ugh….and the moose population is now declining as a result! I love moose…bear
gio gio go:

that would be great if the dogs could go to a new home where they could be trained!!! I’m sure if raised properly they would be great dogs. Pits are only aggressive when raised by the wrong people. And big teddy bears if raised by the right people.
ya i couldve hit it once but i could not bring myself to do it and slammed on the brakes…but its got to the point that i wont hesitate anymore. ive seen other people doing the same so i know the dogs are bugging alot of people not just me.
heart: the dog has bitten me in the leg, bitten my cousin on the leg, and bitten my uncles foot – all on our property.
heart: the dog has bitten me in the leg, bitten my cousin on the leg, and bitten my uncles foot – all on our property.

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Answer by Rock and Roll Falcon
i dunno but youre really hot

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Q&A: Why does everyone expect pit bulls are suppose to be aggressive?

Question by Janae: Why does everyone expect pit bulls are suppose to be aggressive?
No one ever gives pit bulls a chance, like as soon as they see a pit bull they run or just say “Omg its a pit bull”. Not all pit bulls are mean because my aunt has a pit bull and everybody gets along with it. So why don’t other people care for pits.

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Answer by LoLo
Media, ill informed people.

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Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Professional Announces Surge In Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Professional Announces Surge In Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behavior Surges

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

Tucson, Arizona’s aggressive dog training specialist, Gerard Raneri of Bark Busters Tucson, is reporting a surge in aggressive dog behavior throughout 2011 and heading into 2012. Mr. Raneri links the increase in aggression to the economic downturn, that an increase in pressure and tension is trickling down to the pet population.

The training firm credits financial uncertainty as leading to fewer people seeking professional help with serious behavior problems. Families are putting off getting help with dominance and aggressive behavior being displayed by their pets and the problems when not faced early get worse.

“It starts out for many with their dogs showing lower level signs of dominance,” said Mr. Raneri, behavior specialist, adding “The longer your dog isn’t socialized or the longer your dog gets to misbehave the harder it is to reeducate your dog and us humans as well.”

The financial uncertainty is leading to an increase in dog population at rescue agencies and being euthanized. According to the Center for Disease Control an estimated 368,245 people were treated for non-fatal dog bite related injuries with 42% of bites occurring in among children aged 14 and younger.

“Families experiencing aggressive behavior from their family dog owe it to themselves to get help to eliminate the aggression right away,” said Mr. Raneri, adding, “Do not wait until tragedy has struck.”

About Bark Busters Tucson,

Gerard Raneri has been helping families correct aggressive dog behavior since 2009 and has been regular contributor on KVOA TV. No problem behavior is untreatable, if you want to end aggressive behavior, have a breed that other trainers refuse to work with or are close to giving up on your dog, call now to discuss how Gerard can help you.


Gerard Raneri, Master Trainer




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Aggressive Dog Training With Daniel Stevens

Bishop, CA (PRWEB) November 3, 2006

Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens now offers aggressive dog training online. His new program and website will guide you step-by-step on dealing with aggressive dogs. Dealing with dog aggression requires patience, persistence, and proper training.

Dog owners worldwide are faced with many unexpected challenges after acquiring a dog or puppy from breeders, shelters, private party, and various other methods.

The most feared challenge of owning Mans Best Friend is that of Dog Aggression. Some puppies will show signs of aggression at a very early age. Adult dogs can also show signs of aggression for various reasons such as dog on dog aggression, dog food aggression, protection, jealousy, or from being abused as a puppy. Certain dog breeds are more prone to aggressive dog behavior than others.

Dog Aggression can cause serious problems such as personal injury to neighbors, family members, children, infants, livestock, or other pets. Everyday aggressive dog behavior is blamed for personal injury and quite often dog owners end up in court answering to the legal system and being held liable for their dogs aggressive behavior.

Aggressive dog training programs are now available in the form of DVD, Video, eBook, Online Dog Training Memberships, and various other methods. Some sites offer free ebooks to assist owners with selecting a proper dog training program for them and their dog as seen in these examples at: http://www.dog-training-sites.com. A simple search for aggressive dog training on-line will return thousands of results assisting dog owners with controlling aggressive dog behavior.

Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens and owner of KingdomOfPets.com is a certified professional dog trainer. His new program offers extensive training material in the form of both ebook, dvd, newsletter, and personal email consultation.

His new aggressive dog training program is available on-line to anyone worldwide and provides an alternative to hiring a personal trainer. A small investment in aggressive dog training could possibly prevent a lifetime of legal fees, medical bills, and mental anguish.

Daniel Stevens also offers training programs covering everything from house training, crate training, dog behavior training, leash training, dog digging, dog jumping, and dog biting, all available online. Visit his new website, review his program, and sign up for his free newsletter. A properly trained dog is a happy dog, a happy dog makes for a happy owner.

Robert Bercume




How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Some dogs have naturally aggressive behavior. Certain behaviors can cause serious harm to other people. If you want to know how to stop aggressive dog behavior, you have to understand different kinds of aggressive dog behavior first.

Some kinds of aggressive dog behavior may show that the dog is trying to protect owner and hence they try to get control of the surrounding. The dog may start to growl, bark or bite when someone is going there him or her, this kind of aggressive dog will get very protective over his territory. Sometimes, the dog may even bark at strangers that pass by the house. They get very jumpy when they hear or see any movement.

If your dog is very reluctant to stay still when grooming, it is quite likely they have unhappy experiences during grooming. This kind of aggressive dog behavior is known as pain aggression.

Some dogs like to attack anything that is in motion such as cars because they may have strong prey drive. I am sure you have tried raising your voice to stop your dog but that will not deter him from doing it. They will get more excited instead. This kind of aggressive dog behavior may risk their life to be injured or death.

If you are struggling with your dog problems and you want to know how to stop aggressive dog behavior, it is best that you start giving some dog obedience training to stop their aggressive behavior. You must be thinking how are you going to stop aggressive dog behavior when they simply just don’t listen. Let your dog wear a muzzle if he or she may bite when you giving the obedience training. All it need to take is some of time and patience to correct their behavior.

Punishment is not the way to stop the problems and if you want to learn the best way on how to stop aggressive dog behavior is to know the right dog handling techniques to retrain your dog under the right circumstances.

To get more insights on How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior, start learning the  Right Dog Handling Techniques today.

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how can i get a dog to not be aggressive?

Question by Jadin: how can i get a dog to not be aggressive?
my boyfriend has a terribly aggressive 6 year old schnauzer. i cannot even hug my boyfriend without the dog jumping up and barking in my face in a vicious manner. this same thing happens no matter what type of contact i make with him. the dog also doesn’t even let his mother hug him without reacting the same way.i have been nipped at by this dog 3 times now. my boyfriend does nothing to deter the dog from this behavior because it “will affect his loyalty training”. the dog even jumps up on me and barks from just talking to him or his mother. we live together and i am at the point of wanting to move out because i cant handle the dog any longer. PLEASE give me some suggestions on how to deal with this.

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Answer by cutieeegal
If ur bf keeps him on chains with other dogs it affects him also he might not be used to u n dogs dont understand human language.Maybe he thinks their gonna hurt him also might wanna take him to the vet because he could have rabies or something that causes aggressiveness

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Dog Aggression – Curing Aggressive Dog Behavior

Dog Aggression – Curing Aggressive Dog Behavior

Have you ever wished you could cure your dog of aggression and get your dog to stop being aggressive once and for all? Whether it is dog on dog aggression or an aggressive dog towards other people and children, it is important to take dog aggression training very seriously.

Luckily, as with all dog behavior problems, there is a solution for aggressive dogs with the right training and patience. The following is my formula for fixing aggressive dog behavior and ensuring that you no longer have to put up with aggressive dogs.

1- A high level of obedience training. This is step one and the most important part of fixing dog aggression. If your dog is obedient to you it makes aggression much more manageable. For example, your dog can’t be aggressive to another dog if he comes when called. He can’t bite someone who comes through the door if he reliably lies down and stays. There are many things that are made more simple if your dog is obedient.
More important than the functionality of obedience, though, is what obedience training does for your relationship with your dog. Obedience puts you in the leadership role. It is critical for you to be the leader if you are the owner of an aggressive dog.

2- Control the environment around your dog. I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken with the owner of a dog that suffers from dog on dog aggression who repeatedly takes their dog to a dog park for ‘socialization’. Every time the dog goes to the park he gets into a fight! It is important to use common sense and be more careful of your dog’s surroundings and environment.
Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean your dog has to live in a bubble. It just means that you need to be more aware of your surroundings if you have an aggressive dog and take extra precautions.

3- You need to correct your dog the next time he shows aggressive behavior. This isn’t done by shouting at your dog, swatting him, or any other means like that. The best way to correct aggressive dog behavior is by doing leash training. As your dog starts to show aggression, give a few firm corrections as you go the opposite direction. By going the opposite direction you prevent your dog from forming an association with the object of his aggression.

By following these steps you can fix dog aggression and get your dog to be much less of a liability.

Ty Brown is a leading dog training authority with numerous radio and television appearances to his credit. Visit www.dogbehavioronline.com to view free articles and for more information on how to fix aggressive dog behavior.

Aggression rehab dog training video for aggressive dogs should only be done by a qualified dog trainer. Dog Training video shot in new york ( NY ). Food aggression, dog agression, people agressive dogs, leash aggresion dog training, aggressiveness toward the dog handler, and all other dog problems that cause real dog bites. Aggressive rehab dog training with the “east coast” dog whisperer Mike D’Abruzzo at k9-1 Specialized Dog Training in New York. All dog training by the dog trainers are done with knowledge, respect, and patience. If you would like to learn more about Michael D’Abruzzo’s training techniques go to www.k9-1.com Thank you for watching my dog training videos.

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