Dog Teeth Cleaning Agents What You Need to Know

Dogs can be subject to the same diseases of the mouth, gums and teeth as can their owners. Since you dog has no way of telling you that is has a toothache, dog owners must take care to look after the dental health of their dog. An untreated tooth infection can lead to very serious problems with your pets\’ vital organs.

Your dog\’s diet definitely has a direct effect on their dental health. Choosing foods and treats that are fortified and designed to keep their teeth and gums healthy are an easy way to implement dental hygiene into your dog\’s life. Although professional cleaning by a veterinarian is an option, this should only be considered in extreme cases as unnecessarily having your dog anesthetized is not only expensive, but it also puts undue stress on your pet.

With some patience, you can train your dog to accept tooth brushing. Adult dogs and puppies can both be trained by starting with your finger and some peanut butter.

Your pet will lick your finger (and the peanut butter). You can start rubbing their teeth and gums while praising your dog. After a few days you r dog will become accustomed to this and you can start trying it with a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. Rub the teeth and gums with your finger just as you would with a toothbrush. When your dog gets used to this procedure, you can start using a real toothbrush.

Never use toothpaste intended for humans on your dog as ingredients such as baking soda will upset their stomach. Also, dog toothpaste is specially formulated for their teeth and will have an appealing smell and taste to help make the process a bit easier. Start out by letting your dog lick a dollop of toothpaste off of the brush first, then use more to finally start brushing.

You\’ll need to lift up your dogs\’ gums to be able to reach their upper teeth -the canines especially. To get the best results, hold the brush at a 45 degree angle; this lets you clean teeth and gums simultaneously. Use a circular motion and pay special attention to your pets\’ back teeth, which are especially subject to tooth disease.

Make dog teeth cleaning a happy occasion for your dog. Keep low key to prevent your dog from getting too excited to hold still. You should only need abut a minute to get your dogs\’ teeth clean and make sure that they stay healthy and happy.

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