Expert Offers Powerful Inspiration to Overcome Life’s Challenges and Surviving Adverse Situations

The Little Tree

(PRWEB) April 28, 2013

Tough challenges are as much an inescapable feature of life as the proverbial proclivity of the apple to dive to the ground. While there are people audacious enough to overcome formidable situations, others lack the courage—or motivation—to beat the odds.

Agnes Szenozicska Schultz’s classic children’s book, The Little Tree, then, is one of those precious gems that move people to fight on, despite the direst of adversities. Through its direct, yet subtly moving story, it reaffirms the gleaming spirit of fighting on mentality that children would hardly stumble upon nowadays.

To name a few, here are especially some treasures that readers worldwide have discovered in the book:

    The value of parents’ learned insights and teachings. Parents have seen a lot in their lifetime, and children will be wise to realize that parental advice have years of excruciating lessons behind them. In other words, parents do not want their children to mess up, as perhaps they themselves did a long time past.

    Discover your inner strength and focus on your positive traits. There’s no one other than yourself who knows your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to move forward every time life throws you a curve ball.

    Be grateful for all your achievements and successes. Gratitude is a key to contentment and happiness.

    Find good things even amidst unpleasant situations. There is always a purpose why things happen. And sometimes, people find their true meaning and purpose in life in the worst circumstances.

    Patience. In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, quick results seem to rule the day. But does this approach even a single iota of a universal truth? The universe counts meaning by billions of years, but here we are fidgeting and seemingly discontent with every passing second that our expectations are not met.

The Little Tree by Agnes Szenozicska Schultz, M.D. is available for purchase in hardback and paperback at and other bookstores nationwide. It is also available for download in Kindle, Nook, and other major ePub readers.

ISBN 978-0-8059-7211-5

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