Labrador Dog and Song Comforts Relocating Adults And Children who are Faced with Moving

Dogs Move Too – Single Performed By Keaton Lusk

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Relocating to a new school, moving to another city, state, or country can be a tough transition time, especially for kids. This is a problem that is often overlooked or forgotten by parents with children. It is never easy having to say goodbye to family, friends, schoolmates, teachers, etc., but luckily there is a fun and encouraging song that children can listen to that will help comfort them during these times.

Whether children feels anger, sadness, stress, or confusion after finding out they are going to move, it is important that they express their emotions. Not only would it be good to talk to each child about how they feel, it is also helpful to have a song or book readily available that they can use it as a form of therapy and way to connect with the child.

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, and that goes for children as well. So, if your children are friends with the family dog then this song will do just the trick to cheer them up, by letting them know that moving affects everyone, including their parents and pets too.

“Dogs Move Too,” children’s song was inspired by Authors and English Labrador Max and owner Anthony M.T. Majewski and their award winning book “Dogs Move Too: From Max’s Point of View.” The bestselling children’s book is part of the Read With Max book series where a dog, “MAX”, learns his father lost his job and has to move. Max shares his emotions of having to relocate and if Max can move, you can too.

The Authors are striving to continue to make child friendly sing-along songs and educational books for the purpose of educating young minds and serve as a catalyst for learning. Max’s books and “Sing With Max” childrens music helps children handle real life experiences from a dogs point of view.

With over 2.44 million musical artists featured, “Sign With Max”, childrens music popularity has recently earned the 8th position in the Country and 12 position Globally on the music promotional website Reverbnation under the childrens music category.

Keaton Lusk from North Carolina is the award winning musician whom sings “Dogs Move Too” written and composed by Emmy nominated Craig Brandwynne and writer Nicholas Bagwell of Center Sound Records, Inc. Brandwynne has been in the music business for over 35 years and is an accomplished musician, composer, writer, producer and engineer. With credits including daytime dramas (Another World, Guiding Light, As The World Turns), feature films and television pilots.

“With so many families moving in this economy, I felt this song would be enjoyed as well comforting to children who have to move. I was honored to be asked again to write and compose one of Max’s song,’ states Craig Brandwynne.

Thousands of children experience having to move each year. There are children whose parents are in the military, parents recently divorced, parents received a new job or promotion, changing schools, and many other reasons for relocation. Moving also has been associated with a change in behavior among adults and especially young children, who feel out of place after moving which include getting familiar with new environments, finding new friends, meeting new teachers, and feeling loved.

According to United States Census Bureau, one out of every five American families moves each year, with most of the moves being to a nearby neighborhood or city. Over the past century, the percentage of the world’s population that migrates internationally has remained around 3 percent. That is still a large amount if you consider there are 7 billion people on earth.

“The reason I wrote my first children’s book was that I personally had to move around the country because of my father’s occupation. I was in thirteen schools in eleven years and had no outlet for my emotions. A book and song during those times definitely would of had a positive impact on moving experiences.” states award winning Author, Anthony M.T. Majewski.

You can learn more about Max and the Read With Max books and Sign With Max music on

“Dogs Move Too” children’s song can be found on iTunes, and under artist Keaton Lusk. Parent who purchase “Dogs Move Too” for their children will help teach if a dog can move, they can too!


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