Question by Jack Devo: Is it bad to tell your dogs you will do horrible things to them, even if you never would and adore them.?
Alright, I have a pug and I adore her. But she starts her fight barking at me and ill say things like “you bitch! Ill beat you good!” or other times she will be being pushy and ill say things like “Stop that or ill throw your kennel in the lake while your sleeping” “No more attention till after dinner. Then we will play meat grinder for tomorrows dinner”
“Awww, sorry today you have to go to the kennel… the always put down kennel!” “You ugly shit!” “Damn you! Ill get my revenge pugdog!” “Curse your smelly ways” “Damn it, I hope you enjoy firecrackers in your food” “STFU MoFo” “You Little bitch!” “DAMN dawgs should not be bothering me”
Other times when im bored and she is being dickish, pulling stuffing out of a toy I have JUST got her or barking at something I have moved. Or sneezing at me. Ill look at her and say “Ill pull YOUR stuffing out.” “piss me off? Well Ill piss you off, im going to take all your toys and burn them. Then give you sticks.” “No more paws for you, you will get stumps” “Sneeze in my food. maybe ill sneeze in yours” And I threaten to poop in her kennel when she poops in my house, though she does only does that about once a year in an emergency when I get home late. So, how do you like how I talk to my pug. And yes I do love her, no im not a murderer, yes I do cuddle her and play with her and im planning on getting her a puppy for her birthday, no I don’t consider taking her paws away.
LOTS more, just can’t think of them. She is sitting with me now.
Nope, I say them in a happy upbeat way. She is only snippy when we are one the floor fighting and I slap my hand on the floor, so she snaps her jaws and slaps the floor with her paw

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Answer by Jessicoonhound
I mean…I don’t think your dog knows what you are saying just the way you say it but, you yelling might be why she fight barks at you and acts dickish.

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