Free Dog Training Courses Provided By To Help Aid Adoptive Dog Owners

Lacey, WA (PRWEB) February 28, 2011, producers of training guides that offer a hands-off approach to various aspects of training man’s best friend, has begun sending out free copies of its dog training courses to animal shelters across the country. The effort is part of an ongoing plan by the company to support pet adoption by making the training period simpler and faster for the adoptive family. “We began sending out the free copies so that the shelters would have these as an incentive for families that were looking at the possibility of adopting a new dog,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“In our communications with various animal shelters around the country, we found that the primary reason that families may have had for changing their minds about adopting that new dog, was the perceived difficulty and lack of knowledge when it came to training the animal. They were afraid that they would have a rough time with getting the dog trained to go on paper or only outside, they were also commonly worried that the dog might become an annoyance to neighbors – by barking all night, and they were worried that the dog might not get along with younger members of the family – sometimes dogs tend to get a bit jealous of babies – especially if they were there first.”

“It is the hope of our CEO, Chet Womach, that by making this move to give back, more and more families will now see dog adoption in a new light, and give that pooch that they fell in love with at the shelter a fighting chance at a new life. With the step-by-step programs that we supply to new pet owners, the days of disobedient, ill-mannered pets becomes a thing of the past.”


My “Hands Off” dog training system is a simple step-by-step system that shows you how to completely eliminate any of your dog’s problems WITHOUT having to touch, yell, or punish your dog in any way which can lead to regression in his behavior.

You’ll discover “clever” tricks to motivate your dog to do ANYTHING you want… and SUPER clever techniques for motivating him to STOP doing things you don’t want him to do without the high prices of a dog training school.

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