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Question by GoGirlWonder: How Much Would It Cost For A Underground Dog Fence On 1 Acre?
I was wondering how much it would cost if I put in an underground dog fence on one acre for a German Shepard if I did the labour myself? Can some one give me an estimate on the fence.

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Answer by Jeff M
The kit usually costs about $ 250 us but you may need additional wire. This is a simple but not easy project. For one acre you’re looking a couple of days minimum of work by yourself for the installation, then weeks of traing for your dog. the fence will not work without proper training. It’s a tool, not a solution.

An electric or “hidden” fence should not be your only form of confining your dog. You’re dog should be well obedience trained as well with good recall.

Also, a hidden fence doesn’t keep other dogs out of your yard, it just helps keep your dog in.

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