Question by smile!: Folic Acid/Fish Oil Vitamins Good For My Dog?
I have a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Roxy and as I was taking my vitamins this evening, I dropped my fish oil and folic acid vitamins on the floor and Roxy gobbled them right up, and that is when a light bulb turned on in my head!

Would it be safe for her to have these vitamins in human doses?
Maybe half a pill every day? I want her coat to look and feel great. She doesn’t have any health problems. What are some other good vitamins would you recommend?

Oh and I don’t want people to get shitty about how I am “giving her PEOPLE vitamins”
The last time I checked, folic acid IS folic acid, whether or not it is put in dog vitamins or if you got it from walmart for yourself. I don’t feel like spending 25 bucks on a month supply of vitamins for my dog.

Thanks! ^_^

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Answer by oekaki2003
Don’t give your human vitamins to dogs. In high doses, a vitamin becomes a poison. They make special vitamins for dogs in different dosages than the amount taken by humans. Your veterinarian will sell you some if you talk to him/her. Fish oil and vitamin E are common supplements given to dogs to improve the quality of their coat. My mom feeds eggs occasionally to her dogs, too, because she swears it makes their fur shinier.

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