Dog Abuse-Why Does The Punishment Not Fit The Crime?

Most of us love our four legged friends more than anything in the world and would do anything to protect them. But unfortunately that is not the case for everybody. There are some people out there who get cruel pleasure out of harming and abusing dogs. Yes, they often get caught and punished but when it comes to Dog Abuse-Why Does the Punishment Not Fit the Crime. To see a first hand look at some of the atrocities these poor animals endure, please read The Heartbreak Of Animal Cruelty.  I must warn you these articles and videos are difficult to watch and read, but I feel this must be shown to hopefully get help for all these animals.

A dog is a living creature, with a heart and with feelings. If someone can harm a dog, it would not take very much more to harm another person. If someone can have so little feelings remorse for harming another living being then they should be punished accordingly.

The punishment for dog abuse differs from state to state but the maximum punishment is a few years in jail and a few thousand dollars fine. Would the judges be so lenient if the same crime was committed against another human being?

Animal cruelty is just the beginning and often leads to bigger crimes, involving people and often ending in death. Should the criminals not be punished more severely against crimes such as animal cruelty to hopefully deter them from becoming even bigger criminals and ruining more lives?

If these people are taught their lesson when they are meddling in the petty crime arena then maybe they will not grow into hard criminals and murderers.

The main thing that should be kept in mind is that an animal is one of Gods creatures and if someone has that little concern for them then they will obviously not have a very big conscience when it comes to bigger crimes and they should be taken down at the beginning stages of their criminal lives.

The law needs to be stricter on animal cruelty and dog abuse, a no tolerance policy needs to be put into place and maximum punishments need to be given.


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