Question by Peter Griffin: Weighing the options- Would you adopt an adult, previously abused/neglected 120lb Cane Corso?
My wife and I have wanted to get another big dog to serve as companion to our 2yo Alaskan Malamute male…. We were on petfinder and found this beautiful female Cane Corso. She’s from a bad situation and needs a good home… obviously we were all about it…. till I called the shelter and the workers informed me she’ll “need a bit of behavior modification and training”.
Long story short, dog’s got classic text book food aggression, skiddishness around loud noises, etc.
We have been going back and forth on this issue.. should we adopt knowing we are taking on a damaged girl who IF she “snapped” is quite capable of seriously injuring or killing my wife or my Mal… or a niece or nephew? I hate to think this way….but it IS after all a damaged Cane Corso.

FYI, We have tons of experience with large molosser and big working breeds… certainly both of us are capable of being the “Alpha” and our super dominant malamute knows this. Just wondering if we might be biting off more than we can chew with rehabbing a damaged 120lb. dog.

Thoughts? Anyone rehab large fighting/guard breeds before?
Add- Yes we can go and Will go visit the dog in the kennel. In fact we are heading from MA to central VT to meet her and have our dog meet her…..

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Answer by FRESH
Brian isn’t good enough for you?

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