Question by Travis D: What is the name of the music used in the “Above the Influence” ad entitled “Stop Looking at Me”?
The ad in question is animated and features a teenage boy and his dog. In the ad, the boy is smoking marijuana, and feels guilty because his dog is staring at him. The boy says “Stop looking at me. I can stop smoking pot any time I want.” The dog replies “O.K. How about right now?” The boy pauses for a moment, and replies with “Next week is better.” The dog says “You dissapoint me” as he walks away from him. The screen changes into a picture of the dog raising an “Above the Influence” flag. The song seems to be in a triple meter.

To view this ad, go to the following site and click the “Stop Looking at Me” button.

Hopefully, someone has heard this song used elsewhere. I would appreciate a title, an artist, and any other relevant information pertaining to said song. Thank you for your time.

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Answer by Tom W
I hope I’m not to late to answer.
You can find the entire song right here.

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