Question by Agnes: Why would someone rather abort their baby instead of giving them up for adoption?
I’m not sure I understand the whole adoption isn’t an option because a stranger would have them….. if you get an abortion you’re throwing your baby in the trash. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
You know how a dog doesn’t want to eat something until another dog shows interest in it, then the dog is willing to fight over it. That is what the “I’d rather abort instead of give up my kid for adoption” thing makes me think of.

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Answer by PiScEaN UnIcOrN
Because adoption consists of giving actual birth.
Ever been through a pregnancy? Nine months of sheer misery for a child you don’t want in the first place, taking a toll on your health, risking gestational diabetes (if you are prone to it), pre-eclampsia (if you have high blood pressure), back pain, nausea, indigestion, edema, etc., and interfering with your ability to care for your already born children. If you’re single and u have a job, it’s gone. If you’re in school or college, ur education suffers. Your health suffers, your body needs to recover from pregnancy, ur expected to breastfeed..
Abortion is a choice women make to live their lives the way they always did. Adoption transforms the woman’s whole life and changes so many things. It isnt like picking up a kitten from the street. It involves the process of giving birth, and if a woman doesnt want to go through pregnancy (lets say she DID use birth control n it failed, or she was raped, or basically it wasnt her “fault”), how can she be forced to go through it just because an unborn child “deserves a chance”? Are u putting the life of this child above the life of the already full grown adult healthy woman?
And then there’s the thing about women’s regret and pain growing as the child grows away from them and they have no idea where he is. Abortion is final. Usually the trauma a woman goes through after an abortion is far less than 9 months of pregnancy, labour, giving birth, breastfeeding, making job or education suffer, and never even seeing the child again.
If given a choice? I’d rather abort.

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