Petkin Itch Stop Wipes, 30-Count Pack (Pack of 6)

  • Stops itch and pain, helps prevent licking.
  • Soothes Flea Bites and hots spots.

Itch Stop Wipes provide fast-acting relief for the itching and pain resulting from flea bites, hot spots and skin irritations. Contains witch hazel, aloe vera gel, comfrey and vitamins for cooling relief, plus lidocaine to stop itch and pain. Bitter taste helps stop licking, scratching and biting to prevent further irritation.

Regular use speeds healing and helps prevent infection. Safe to use 3-4 times daily on dogs and cats over 6 weeks of age. For extra relief, follow Itch Stop Wipes with a

List Price: $ 36.13

Price: $ 23.65

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