Question by charm: Anonymous note in mailbox about my dog barking “24/7”. Why cant they just talk to me?
If I knew who was concerned I would explain that my dog was carried off by a coyote a week ago and my lab saved him by chasing down the coyote until the coyote dropped my smaller dog. I took him to vet and he will be fine – but is extremely skiddish right now – barks at every small movement. We live on 5 acres at top of hill. I continue to take him outside and have been working with him using a “spray collar” to deter barking but have to allow him to bark some to get over his fear of the yard. No way he barks 24/7 as he sleeps in my bedroom at night. I only allow him outside after 9am until around 10pm. He is never tied up and just left outside and is taken care of very well. I am so frustrated – wish I could explain to the neighbor that is concerend but whomever it is just doesnt have the courtesy to speak directly to me. I work from home so dogs are never left outside alone or when we are not home. Why can neighbors not address concerns directly with you?

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Answer by DP
I’ll tell you what is going to happen, cause I see it on here all the time.. If someone doesn’t approach you directly, it’s cause they plan to call Animal control on you if the barking keeps up. The thing is, they don’t want you to know it’s them that’s bothered, cause then when they call AC you’ll know it was them who called.. Anonymous notes, equal anonymous phone calls to AC when your dog is still barking.. Don’t just leave your dog outside for 12+ hours.. Dogs get bored and lonely and they bark or get destructive.. Your dog is bothering the neighbours.. Keep the dog in the house more thru the day, and keep him exercised and tired and you won’t have a neighbour breathing down your neck, just waiting to jump on you when your dog lets out a peep..

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