3 MONTH Frontline PLUS Blue for Dogs 23-44 lbs

  • Kills fleas quickly
  • Each Treatment lasts for 30 days, three treatments
  • Safe for use on dogs 23-44 lbs
  • Shipped from England, taking 7-10 days to arrive
  • MUCH cheaper than US Frontline PLUS

British Frontline Plus is the same as US Frontline Plus, but it is packaged with the metric system instead of pounds, written on the boxes. It is made in the same Merial factory. It is legal for an individual to purchase it, but it cannot be resold in the US.

List Price: $ 56.99

Price: $ 30.94

Flea Free With Everyday Household Products

For those dog owners who wish to take a more natural approach to combating fleas on their dog and in their home.Flea free,takes a natural approach and offers suggestions in an easy to read format, to combat fleas in your home and your dog.This book is packed with natural remedies and recipes for flea repellent and extermination.

List Price: $ 7.95


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