Mardi Growl 2009 REVISED

Be a part of Knoxville’s “Mardi Growl Dog Parade” – a costume parade for dogs and their owners through downtown Knoxville. The parade starts at 11 a.m. on Sa…

Blue Island IL Cutest Dog Contest Winners at TGIF in 2009.

Greg Lochow President of the Blue Island IL Chamber of Commerce presents awards to the Cutest Dog contest winners at a TGIF Picnic event in Blue Island IL.
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Discount Pet Superstore Expects Record Sales in First Quarter of 2009

Discount Pet Superstore Expects Record Sales in First Quarter of 2009

Geneva, FL (PRWEB) February 17, 2009

With the Associated Press recently reporting that the pet products industry is one of only a few growth industries during poor economic times, online retailer Discount Pet Superstore is poised to offer consumers savings.

“In 2008, the pet supplies industry did over 43 billion dollars in business, and the figure has risen by about 2 billion every year for the last ten years,” Jeff Mann, Sales Manager for the store, explained. “It’s a pretty strong indicator that even when times were tough in the past year, pet owners continued to buy dog crates, cat toys and other needed items. One of the last places animal lovers cut their budget is in the area of caring for their pets. They consider them part of their family and treat them that way.”

Two out of three pet owners still bought gifts for their pets in 2008, spending as much or more than in previous years. Part of this may be a response to the uncertainty and fear of the unstable economic climate; consumers enjoy purchasing gift items and are spending more time at home with their pets and families rather than spending on expensive vacations and other high-end luxuries.

“The more time you are spending with your pet, the more likely you are to realize just what your pet needs or may be missing. Toys that make playing with him more fun, Petsafe electric dog fences that give him more freedom and grooming aids are all pet supplies that can enhance your pet’s life,” Mann elaborated. “At Discount Pet SuperStore, we offer everything you can imagine at the lowest price possible. We want our customers to have top quality pet supplies available to them at a price they can afford, and we’ve been very successful at it.” Mann added, “We even have free shipping for purchases over $ 50.00 to save you a bit more on what you need. We look forward to another year of making the best in pet supplies affordable for everyone.”

About Discount Pet SuperStore

Discount Pet SuperStore, an online pet supplies store based in Geneva, Florida has been offering affordable pet supplies to customers in the United States and Canada for over fifteen years. The company offers a wide variety of pet supplies from patio dog doors to airline approved pet carriers. The company operates over the Internet and ships directly to customers. For more information, visit or call 407-349-2525.


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Pet Sitters International Announces 2009 Take Your Dog To Work Day Contest Winners

Pet Sitters International Announces 2009 Take Your Dog To Work Day Contest Winners

2009 TYDTWDay Photo Contest Winner, Holly

King, NC (Vocus) October 10, 2009

As the winning photo of the 2009 Pet Sitters International’s (PSI) Take Your Dog To Work Day® photo contest attests, it’s not easy working like a dog! Danielle Kangalee captured the photo of her Brittany spaniel, Holly, napping in her office chair while participating in the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council’s (OMVIC) first-ever celebration of PSI’s Take Your Dog To Work Day.

The winner of the official TYDTWDay photo contest, sponsored by FetchDog, your destination for dog supplies, has named the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as the recipient of a $ 500 donation that will be made by Pet Sitters International. In addition, Danielle and Holly will receive $ 500 cash and a FetchDog prize package valued at $ 200.

The OMVIC, which licenses and regulates motor vehicle dealers in Ontario, Canada, is no stranger to supporting charitable causes. In addition to supporting Take Your Dog To Work Day this year, the OMVIC supports the Daily Bread Food Bank, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and a number of charities through proceeds collected at its annual golf tournament.

“Holly enjoyed her first time in the office,” said Kangalee, a business analyst. “Our long walk to the OMVIC, combined with the excitement of meeting so many new people, probably led to her nap in the chair that is shown in my photo.”

Working like a dog also paid off for Stella, a six-year old Yorkshire terrier from Phoenixville, PA, who accompanied mom, Polly Smith, to her salon. Polly uploaded her video, “Stella doing the meet and greet” to the TYDTWDay Facebook page and was selected as the 2009 video contest winner. She will receive a FetchDog prize pack valued at $ 100.

Three additional TYDTWDay participants were selected at random to win $ 25 FetchDog prize packages. The winners were Carol Rau of Warminster, PA; Damaris Hay of Miami Beach, FL; and Susan Cooper of Mesa, AZ.

FetchDog founder Ben Shaw shared, “We were thrilled to be a part of TYDTWDay and want to thank all of this year’s participants, Pet Sitters International, and Bring Pets Home for the opportunity to be part of an event that raises awareness of dog adoption and the positive impact of pets in the workplace.”

“We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all of the participants in this year’s Take Your Dog To Work Day event,” says Patti Moran, PSI president. “TYDTWDay’s promotion of pet adoption is more important than ever before and we encourage pet owners, businesses and the pet industry to join forces to improve the lives of homeless pets in their communities by participating in campaigns such as this one.”

Pet owners and businesses can mark their calendars for next year’s event which will take place on Friday, June 25, 2010. For more information on ways to participate, visit

Companies interested in 2010 campaign partnership opportunities are encouraged to contact Beth Stultz, TYDTWDay event manager directly at beth ( or (336) 983-7747.

About Pet Sitters International

Established in 1994, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, representing nearly 8,000 independent professional pet-sitting businesses in the United States, Canada and abroad. PSI provides members with access to affordable bonding and liability insurance and educational resources such as PSI’s Accreditation Program, The Pet Sitter’s WORLD magazine and PSI’s annual Quest for Excellence Convention. PSI provides pet owners with The Pet Owner’s WORLD magazine and For more information, visit, home of the Official Pet Sitter Locator™ or visit the PSIStoreOnline to select from more than 2,000 pet sitter and pet owner products. There should be some hyperlinks in here.


FetchDog is the online home for passionate dog people. In addition to offering high quality dog supplies, including dog beds and dog gates, the site offers thousands of ad-free pages on health, training, behavior, and other issues. Always current and fresh, FetchDog also offers dog features, news stories, celebrity and expert blogs, world-class dog photography, games, and community-oriented centers for hundreds of dog breeds.

About is a non-profit animal charity focusing on pet care for animals in shelters. Their mission is to support animals in shelters until they find permanent, loving homes. offers pet lovers the opportunity to raise money for animal shelters simply by shopping online at their favorite merchants, and provides a platform to connect with other animal enthusiasts in the online community. donates 100 percent of the money raised to animal shelters, helping homeless pets directly by paying for food, shelter and medical treatment.



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Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products of 2009

Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products of 2009

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products of 2009

Calabash, NC (PRWEB) December 2, 2009

With half of America’s pets now estimated to be overweight, the demand for pet fitness products has never been greater. This year the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) is proud to announce its Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products for 2009. If you’re looking to give your pet a healthy gift this holiday season, consider these innovative offerings.

Harnesses and Leashes

“One of the keys to fitness and weight loss in pets is exercise,” states Dr. Ernie Ward, Founder and President of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and lead product researcher. “Exercise begins with a comfortable leash and harness and this year we saw several innovations in this category.”

Easy Walk Harness and Leash – ECO

Earth-friendly, no-pull walking harness for your dog. Made of 100% recycled milk cartons and all of the packaging is recycled. “This is quite simply the best and most earth-friendly exercise product we’ve run across this year,” comments Gina Toman, registered veterinary technician and one of the testers.

Come With Me Kitty Harness and Leash

“For owners of pudgy felines who think they can’t take their cat for a walk, there’s a harness for you,” says Ward. With its innovative, easy-to-use and secure design, the Come With Me Kitty Harness and Leash is a must for any overweight cat who needs exercise.

Sporn Simple Control Harness

Every dog needs a go-to, everyday harness. Some harness systems require a book of instructions and an engineering degree–not this one. “Sporn has one of the easiest and most comfortable harnesses we’ve tested. On and off in a matter of seconds, our users commented that this was the one harness they could take with them anywhere (and they did),” remarks Ward.

EzyDog Leash

It’s pretty hard to improve on the standard dog leash: handle, rope, and clip. The secret to a better leash is the handle. EzyDog has basically taken a mini water-ski handle and attached it to a dog leash that results in a surprisingly comfortable walking leash. They also added a shock-absorbing stretch material that eases the arm and shoulder strain of abrupt pulls. “Even our most stubborn puller failed to cause dreaded “hand pinch” common with traditional leashes. Walkers with arthritis or other painful hand conditions will appreciate the EzyDog’s unparalleled cushion and comfort,” comments Ward.


“Play is an important part of staying healthy for pets,” emphasizes Ward. “You are the best toy for your pet, although we found several impressive products that can make playtime more fun–and beneficial–for everyone.”

Dog Tornado

The Dog Tornado is the perfect solution to entertaining your dog (or cat). This interactive food game has four layers with rotating discs, and three of these layers have compartments for hiding dog snacks. When your dog rotates a layer, she reveals a hidden snack. The game can be made more or less challenging by altering the layers. “The Dog Tornado provides a workout for the brain as well as a way for improving physical coordination. I recommend hiding sliced veggies for a healthy play period,” advises Toman.

Dura Doggie Disc

“Many dogs love to play Frisbee. Trouble is, after a few outings, the disc is trashed,” muses Ward. Dura Doggie Disc is an incredibly tough, chew-resistant flying disc that doubles as a water bowl (how cool!). No more shredded palms or cut lips from frayed Frisbees.

ChuckIt! Ball Launcher

“As a guy, the thought of using anything other than my rocket arm to play fetch with seemed insulting,” laments Ward. “However, after injuring my elbow and being unable to throw for several weeks, I fell in love with my ChuckIt! Ball Launcher. In fact, my dog loved it so much that even when I resumed my mere mortal ball tossing to her, she insisted on the ChuckIt.” Men, women, and children everywhere will find their play sessions more beneficial when using this easy-to-use and inexpensive ball launcher. Men, prepare to be humbled. Dogs, prepare to be thrilled.

FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy for Cats

“We had a hard time finding an interactive exercise toy that a majority of cats liked. This laser toy comes the closest to pleasing a wide variety of kitties,” states Toman. It couldn’t be easier to use: set up, turn on, and watch the fun! The FroliCat shines a laser dot in a seemingly random pattern your cat will chase, leap, and pounce on for the 15 minute cycle. “If your cat chases the FroliCat twice a day for 15 minutes, it will be well on its way to better health,” adds Dr. Ward

Rumble Bumps

Dogs love anything that makes noise. Dogtronics has designed a line of interactive, touch-activated toys our testers found irresistible. “Our favorite noisy toy was the Rumble Bumps. The test dogs liked the fact that the toy made a variety of sounds when it was batted and chewed and their owners appreciated the silence when it was still. We found it to be a great toy to keep your puppy engaged while home alone,” shares Toman.

Food Bowls

“Everybody feeds their dog, so we decided to look at how food bowl selection could impact weight loss and healthy eating habits. Our findings may surprise you,” says Ward.

Brake-Fast Dog Bowl

“While this bowl was marketed as an aid to slow eating, we found another use: less feeding guilt,” states Dr. Ward. The bowl has three columns in the middle that magically make that half-cup of diet food appear larger. It also takes a dog a little longer to eat, thereby delaying any guilt. “We found it to be a great crutch for pet owners who feel the need to fill the bowl.”

Neater Feeder

Perhaps the most-used product is also the messiest. “We observed dogs that are what we term “enthusiastic eaters. These dogs tend to spill their food on the floor, leading to owners adding additional food into the bowl, thereby promoting weight gain,” explains Toman. The Neater Feeder solves most of your pet’s food and water messes with an innovative edge and drainage system. Our testers liked the different sizes and the ease of cleaning. Your floors will love the no-spill design.

Technology Products

“Technology common for human exercise is now becoming available for pets,” notes Ward, who is also a certified personal trainer and Ironman triathlete. “I expect even better products in the next few years that will aid in pet weight loss.”


“Quite simply, this product wowed everyone,” reports Ward. “While not technically a pet weight loss product, the Fitbit tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and sleep quality. This is important because you can accurately measure how far you’ve walked your dog and at the same time you’re getting in better shape.” The tiny Fitbit uses the same type of controller used in Nintendo’s Wii system and fits easily into a pocket or on a belt or waistband. Your data is wirelessly transmitted to your computer where you can view your exercise and sleep patterns. For less than a hundred bucks, this is one weight loss tool every pet owner should have.

The Beacon by Ruff Wear Dog Safety Light

“We liked this product because it was small, easy-to-use, inexpensive, and a life-saving idea,” says Toman. During the cooler months, we’re often forced to walk our dogs when it’s dark outside. Everyone’s key concern is visibility. Ruff Wear has created a tiny LED light that can be seen up to a half mile away. “Testers liked the three settings, continuous, slow, and fast flash, and that it was easy to clip on or off using the split ring or built-in clip.”

DogTread by PetZen Doggie Treadmill

For the dog that has everything–except a good daily walk–you can’t beat a treadmill. “With straightforward controls and quiet operation, the DogTread from PetZen is one of our favorite dog treadmills,” reports Ward. For busy people or individuals with physical limitations, a dog treadmill is an excellent alternative to outdoor walking.

Other Products

Liver Biscotti

“Dog owners always ask me what the best treat is for pets. Crunchy vegetables are my favorite,” answers Ward. For owners desiring a commercial dog treat, it’s hard to find a tasty dog treat with less than 1 calorie per piece, but somehow Liver Biscotti has done just that. “Dog owners need to remember it’s not the size of the reward that matters to dogs; getting a reward is what’s important,”advises Ward.

The Port-A-Poo Poop Bag Holder

“Walking your dog is fun; handling your dog’s unexpected bathroom run is not,” muses Dr. Ward. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to pick up where your dog left off, the Port-A-Poo. With two sizes to fit either on a standard or retractable leash, the Port-A-Poo is a hands-off solution to one of life’s messier problems.

DOOG Walkie Belts

“Ok, we were skeptical when we first saw this dog walking belt (for people) from Down Under. I mean, do you really need it? Was this an Aussie gag?” jokes Ward. “However, after just a few strolls, we couldn’t walk our dog without it.” Its two quick-dispenser pockets for poop bags and hand wipes were enough but the Walkie also holds an mp3 player, cell phone, treats, wallet, keys and other small essentials. “The ability to stylishly hold all our stuff without dragging our walking shorts down was worth the price alone,” adds Ward. They also come in matching dog collar styles for all you fashionistas.

VizVest Safety Vest for Dogs

Sure, we know there are tons of dog reflective vests available. This one caught our eye because it easily adjusted to a variety of dog shapes, stayed in place, was lightweight enough for year-round wear, and inexpensive. We also liked the fact that there was an opening on the top that allowed the use of certain walking harnesses. It’s true your dog may look like a road-side worker but because the VizVest uses the same materials used in human safety vests , it just may save both your lives.

All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

About this Report and Product Selection

None of the products tested and selected were obtained free of charge nor did APOP inform the product manufacturers that their product was being considered. Further, the manufacturers did not contact APOP or product testers during the evaluation process. The manufacturers were notified of their selection only after the final report was complete. Products were rated on innovation, practicality, availability, cost/benefit, durability, ease of use, and pet/owner acceptance.

About APOP and Dr. Ward

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is an independent organization not associated with any veterinary pharmaceutical, pet food, or other veterinary industry organization founded in 2005. Dr. Ernie Ward is a licensed veterinarian, certified personal trainer, and USA Triathlon accredited coach. He and APOP help people and pets lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle by creating parallel weight loss and lifestyle programs. For more information about APOP and Dr. Ernie Ward, please visit


Dr. Ernie Ward



Gina Toman, RVT




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Busch Stadium Announces 2009 Opening Day Food and Retail Lineup

Busch Stadium Announces 2009 Opening Day Food and Retail Lineup

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) April 2, 2009

Looking ahead to Opening Day and the 2009 All-Star Game, St. Louis baseball fans are gearing up for one of the most memorable years in Cardinals baseball history. Delaware North Companies Sportservice, the St. Louis Cardinals’ concessionaire and retail partner for more than 50 years, is ready to help fans celebrate the experience with a starting lineup of food and retail that offers more value than ever before.

“Serving as hosts of the 2009 All-Star Game means that The Official Cardinals Team Store will stock exclusive souvenirs and apparel in time for Opening Day,” said Dan Fetcho, Sportservice district manager. “Cardinals fans can also commemorate the event with several items that are under $ 10. Better yet, on Opening Day, fans can stretch their dollars with a variety of new combo meals or several all-inclusive buffets throughout the stadium.”

On deck this year is a new nacho bar, enticing fans to pile on layers of their favorite toppings; combo packages that combine traditional fare with Cardinals souvenirs; and, back by popular demand, smoked beef brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, slowly cooked in Sportservice smokers and finished with St. Louis-style barbecue sauce. Other 2009 rookie deals include:

The New Coke Island at Gate 1: Adjacent to Gate 1, this newly transformed area inside the stadium will offer Cardinals fans a place to relax before and during the game. In addition to seating, fans can take advantage of live music and family-friendly entertainment on select dates. Here, fans will be introduced to Sportservice’s first-ever nacho buffet, where they can load up Busch Stadium’s No. 1 selling item with unlimited amounts of sour cream, fresh pico de gallo, pulled pork and a variety of mild or hot peppers and salsas.

Meal Deals: Fans seeking the quintessential ballpark experience will cheer for the “Taste of the Ballpark” package, which includes a traditional hot dog, a piping hot pretzel, nacho cheese dipping sauce, ballpark peanuts and Famous Amos cookies. Or, guests can take a souvenir home with the Cardinals’ Combo meal, which includes a choice of hot dog or cheeseburger, fries, soda and a 2009 Cardinals souvenir cap. (Sportservice will change up the package throughout the season to offer a variety of collectable St. Louis Cardinals souvenirs.) Little Leaguers can also take a swing with the Kids’ Meal, featuring a hot dog, bag of chips, Famous Amos cookies and choice of milk or juice.

All-You-Can-Eat: For people looking to stretch their dollars even further, Busch Stadium offers more than 4,000 all-inclusive seats, incorporating two-hour, all-you-can-eat buffets located throughout the stadium. Depending on the area, these buffets give fans a choice of seating options and dining experiences – from picnic-style to fine dining. Many all-inclusive buffets feature live-action cooking, full-service bars and reserved seating, and depending on the area, flat screen TVs and air conditioning. (To learn about the amenities of specific locations, or take a virtual tour, visit Many of the buffets will also spotlight Executive Chef Jeramie Mitchell’s smoked beef brisket, which is slathered with a made-from-scratch rub, then slow-smoked on site for 12 hours. This returning fan favorite is also available at the Broadway BBQ concession stand.

Exclusive Retail for All Fans: Cardinals fans love to sport their red, and this year Sportservice is giving them access to exclusive retail options at every price. In honor of the 2009 All-Star Game, fans will have the opportunity to purchase All-Star merchandise throughout the season. This exclusive merchandise captures Cooperstown and other St. Louis historic baseball events. Other new items include t-shirts in more sizes than ever (from XS to 5X), fleece sweatshirts and exclusive Nike Golf polo shirts, for both men and women, from the Tiger Woods collection. The Official Team Store is also offering the “Top 10 under $ 10” pieces of Cardinals memorabilia – so that everyone can take a piece of the game home. The Top 10 includes:

1.    Foam fingers

2.    Mini bobble-head Fredbirds

3.    Posters

4.    Baseballs

5.    Bats

6.    Coaster sets

7.    Jewelry

8.    Pennants

9.    Face paint

10.    Mugs and glassware

St. Louis fans can also personalize their homes with an expanded selection of Cardinals-branded home goods, including cozy redbird comforters and blankets, along with a selection of Cardinals pillows.

Returning Fan Favorites: Traditional ballpark favorites returning in 2009 include: hot dogs, cheeseburgers, hand-rolled pretzels, chicken quesadillas, spicy calzones, Italian sausage and pizza. The fry action station will also return; guests can dress their fries with Cajun seasoning, garlic-parmesan cheese or chili cheese. On the lighter side, Sportservice offers grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, veggie burritos and salads. For dessert, fans can top it all off with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or a bionic-sized homemade cupcake.

“Overall, our team has worked diligently to make sure that every fan can access their favorite ballpark food or souvenir – because we know it helps make the ballpark experience,” added Fetcho. “By creating more value for St. Louis, we’re hoping more fans will be able to enjoy an opportunity to relax and enjoy Cardinals baseball.”

About Delaware North Companies Sportservice

Delaware North Companies Sportservice is one of the nation’s leading food, beverage and retail management companies, providing concessions, gourmet catering and fine dining operations at more than 50 professional sporting venues, entertainment complexes and convention centers across the United States and Canada. Sportservice is the provider of choice for an impressive client roster including the World Series, the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball’s All-Star games, Stanley Cup Championships and the Olympic Games.

Throughout its 90-year history, Sportservice has demonstrated that it knows what it takes to effectively develop, operate and manage multi-faceted kitchens, restaurants, suites, and fine dining and retail facilities in order to meet the changing demands of today’s fans. From introducing healthier food selections and creative cuisine to twists on traditional fare and new organic options, Sportservice continues to innovate and enhance the fan experience.

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Pet-Super-Store and Pet Service Revenue Surges to $2.2 Billion in 2009

Pet-Super-Store and Pet Service Revenue Surges to $ 2.2 Billion in 2009

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 4, 2009

American Pet Product Association’s 2008 research and consumerism shows pet supply and pet service distribution has reached a $ 4.2 billion total.

In America, 71.4 million pet owners were found this year – a six percent increase in the last ten years, which is contributing factor to the increase in revenue for

“Our sales have shown significant growth in the past three years,” said Victoria Knight, Senior Director of, an online pet supply store that carries over 500 high-end training dog products. “Our customers are from all over United States and worldwide.”

National Public Radio explains in an article that the need for pet products and pet service will continue to rise. NPR reiterates that more people are having to work longer hours to make up for the loss of other fellow co-workers, which makes the pet sitting service profit. Also, people are spending more time at home with their pets, and begin to view their pets more as children than animals. reports certain special products as GPS tracking collars, training equipment, upscale dog beds, safety dog car seats and pet urns are in high demand for pet owners, revealing that pets are in fact treated like family members.

“We do sell alot of basic pet items,” said Knight. “But most of the products that have sky-rocketed over the year are special items that meet our customers unique needs for their pets.”

People are starting to value their pets more and more. As the number of pet owners increase, and the number of pet lovers remain consistent, pet product and service consumerism will continue to sky rocket. For more information on pet products industry, please visit Copyright © 2006-2009 is an online pet supply store that offers thousands of boutique pet accessories and high-tech training supplies. All at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Contact: Victoria Knight

Senior Director at


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