Dog Trick Academy Hits the 14,000-member Mark for its Forum Community, Showcases How the Internet Strengthens Dog Training Initiatives

The Perfect Way to Einstein Your K9!

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

The Dog Trick Academy (or, an online resource created by renowned dog trainer Jean Cote, recently celebrated a remarkable achievement when its forum community grew to include over 14,000 members (14,781 members as of this writing, just a few counts away from reaching 15,000). The continued increase in members proves that more and more dog owners and trainers are seeking to reach out to other people and enhance their knowledge of training techniques, dog behaviors, general health and nutrition, and other vital information that can help one properly train and care for a dog — and they are increasingly conducting their search online.

The creation of the Dog Trick Academy is the culmination of company president Jean Cote’s lifelong learning experiences with his own dogs (from childhood pets to his two current housemates, a Siberian Husky named Onyx and a border collie named Chase), combined with knowledge he gained from books, seminars, training and research. The website gives Internet users access to free dog training lessons as well as premium lessons for teaching dog tricks of different difficulty levels and using various established positive reinforcement training methods like capturing, luring and shaping.

In other words, the Academy’s training techniques are non-threatening and non-punishing — they do not employ force. The team believes that dogs learn to “perform desired behaviors because they see the value in doing so.”

“What began as my own personal quest turned into a social networking venue for dog owners to share ideas, information and help one another out – and then into a business,” Cote shares. “My hope and intent is to help dog owners around the world have a better relationship with their pets. To achieve that, I teach you how to teach your dog to do tricks (and learn proper behavior), as that fosters and develops the very special relationship between dog and owner that matters so much to both of you.”

The website’s dog forum provides dog owners, new and professional trainers, and dog lovers in general a place to equip themselves with the knowledge to improve their relationship with their pets as well as interact with other people who are on the same journey of training their dogs to learn new things every day. The Dog Trick Academy forum’s discussions are classified into different groups:

Focus on Members – Threads within this group give members a chance to introduce themselves and their dogs to fellow enthusiasts.

Dog Community – Members can locate possible training partners and talk about training challenges that they face and overcome.

Dog Training – The chatrooms here focus on general and advanced dog training subjects (like agility, obedience, protection or service dog training, dog sports, and others).

Dog Information – Forums about breeds, toys, health, and grooming can be found here.

Dog Recipes – Dog feeding, nutrition, and treats take centerstage in these discussions.

Dog Trick Academy – Members can learn more about the company, meet the team behind the website and learn about the latest announcements and developments.

“The Dog Trick Academy training lessons and programs offer a proven, highly effective method of pet training,” Jean Cote adds. “With the Dog Trick Academy, you have access to all the materials at your convenience 24/7 from anywhere in the world (including the comfort of your own home).”

Visit the Dog Trick Academy website today to sign up for the dog forum and gain access to helpful lessons and resources on dog training and building a relationship with happy, healthy, and much better-behaved furry friends.

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