Question by motherofgradn04: My daughter just purchased a 3 month old male shitzhu (I may be spelling it wrong) puppy. She paid 28.?
She purchased this puppy from a pet store in Greensboro,NC on an installment plan of a month. Is this too much to pay for this puppy and/or has she been ripped off? Can she get “dog” insurance on this puppy? She said that she has a 2 year guarantee on the puppy but I still feel that she has paid too much for this puppy. Please respond because I am at my wits end as to how a puppy could cost so much. What is the life expectancy for this type of dog? Since she would not listen to me, maybe she will listen to others that have this type of dog. Thank you for your help.

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Answer by bringoutyourpistols
GOOD LORD! I just bought a pure bread Pit Bull and she only cost me 200. I cant imagine why a dog would be so expensive. Most small dogs live to be around 7 to 9. I think..

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