Our dedication to your pet’s overall safety goes “hand-in-paw” with being the makers of the most secure electric fence system on the market. We’re driven by a genuine concern for keeping your pet safe and protected.

 Depth of Knowledge 

Our brain trust is composed of major industry veterans, most of whom have been working in the pet containment market for decades. The company president, John Purtell, founded the industry’s leading company, Invisible Fence®, years ago, making it into a national brand identity, and now he and many of his compatriots have joined efforts to make Pet Stop the most knowledgeable containment company. 

 Commitment to Technology 

Just because our company founders have been in the industry for decades don’t get the misconception they’re ”set in their ways.“ Far from it. The engineers and researchers are always researching and developing our products, applying cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced, highly-effective containment system in the world. 

 Genuine Love of Pets 

And, of course, none of us would be doing this at all if we didn’t love pets. All pets. We’re pet people. We believe every one of them deserves to be nurtured, loved, and protected.