Like many other pet parents, you want the best for your pets! With a Pet Stop® Pet Fence System, you get: 

  • A safe and humane electronic pet fence solution for your pets
  • The latest in Digital Technology (eliminates electrical interference)
  • Our patented GentleSteps training method that delivers lower levels of correction for your pets instead of a big whallop
  • A better system – allows you to have multiple pets on the same system with different settings on the receiver – designed to match your pets temperment
  • A company that cares about you and your pets
  • Superior customer service (unlike your dog, we come when you call)

Many of our customers are choosing to trade-in their existing system for a Pet Stop® system. Our collars can:

  • Match AM or FM signals, and

  • You can upgrade one receiver collar, an entire Outdoor pet fence system, and you can keep your existing wire.

Advanced features that set Pet Stop® apart from other brands:

  • UltraElite® Receiver – lightest collar on market, weighs only 1.3 oz
    (Perfect for small dogs and cats too!)
  • Progressive Levels of Correction
  • ComfortContacts®: soft rubber probes for comfort
  • SafetyStop™: will shut off AND STAY OFF if your pet gets caught in a zone
  • SmartReceiver®: Prevents false shocks unlike other brands on the market
  • FlashAlert® – LOW BATTERY LIGHT Indicator
  • ZappAlert™ – Warning of possible Wire Break in system