pet stop reviews


Lisa, Brush Prairie, WA

Deb and Oregon Dog Fence saved our dogs.

Due to our dogs getting into our neighbors yard and chasing chickens we had animal control contacting us. We didn't have a lot of options, losing our dogs was inevitable.

We were fortunate to go through mediation. I searched the web and found ODF and Deb. She GUARANTEED that our dogs would be contained and would never get out. Deb was with us the entire process, even writing a letter about her system for the hearing. Our neighbors even called Deb and she convinced them.

The invisible fence was installed and our dogs trained and life is so good now. The stress that we went through, and the dogs of course, is gone. We come home to our happy dogs and are now worry free.

There are choices out there on invisible fences, but only ODF has Deb. She is an advocate, a friend, and dedicated to customer service. She turned our nightmare into a perfect dream!

Thanks Deb!!

Jonathan, Lake Oswego, OR 
I was so impressed with Deb and her crew from the moment I made first contact, through completion of installation. This company was there to answer all of my questions, and on top of this, was priced much more competitively then Invisiblefence.

One other important difference is that Pet Stop is made/assembled in the USA whereas other brands are made in China. Buying from this company helps keeps people working here!!!

Thanks again for taking care of my beautiful Siberian Husky. She is getting much better with the fence and we are grateful for the work you did.


Sharon, Astoria, OR

I believe there is not a fence on the market that compares with this fence. (This is our second Pet Stop fence.) It was installed in a perfect design and keeps my large goofy guys in our yard rather than out exploring the neighborhood. It has helped neighbor relations too.

Thank you for insuring the safety of my two dogs – my best friends. Deborah, you are a true professional and if I need fencing help in the future you will be the first person I contact. This has been a positive experience in every aspect.

Great Job!