universal remote by pet stop

The safety of a pet fence – The one collar convenience of the Universal Trainer

 If you're having behavior problems with your pets, we can help.

For thirty years the electronic pet fence has provided safety and security to millions of pets from trusted brands such as Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence®, PetSafe® and more. Now you can have confident control of your dog’s behavior at home or where ever you go. Experience the same peace of mind your pet fence provides away from home with the patented Pet Stop Universal Trainer for your new or existing fencing system.

The Universal Remote Trainer can quickly and easily help you solve frustrating behavior problems such as jumping up, stealing food, excessive barking or not coming when called. With the push of a button you’ll be rewarding your dog’s good behaviors with a calming vibration or discourage bad ones using the brief attention getting pulse.  

Whether its replacement batteries, pet fencing collars or the all new Universal Trainer, you can trust Pet Stop – the world’s leader in fully compatible fencing solutions.



Universal Remote Features

  • Power On/Off Button
  • For use with up to 2 Dogs
  • Separate controls for each Dog
  • (Dog Toggle Button)
  • LED light indicates each Dog
  • Mounts to existing containment system collar ( within 3" of fencing receiver)
  • Correction/Praise Options
  • Warning Tone Only
  • Vibration Only
  • 1/2 second stimulation and 1 second stimulation
  • Automatically programs to work on containment system frequency settings
  • Manual Programming also an option
  • Alerts user if command from handheld to remote Receiver fails
  • Compatible with Competitive brands
  • Power by 3.6 volt Lithium Batteries 9 – USE ONLY SAFT LS14250 BATTERIES)
  • Splash Resistant ( Dogs can not swim with remote receiver)
  • Range up to 150 ft. line of sight
  • FCC Certified
  • 1 Year Warranty