Pet Stop® Brand Replaceable Batteries

6 volt batteries – for your Pet Stop® UltraElite Collar


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7.5 volt batteries – for your Pet Stop® UltraMax Collar

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Invisible Fence® Replacement batteries,  Powercap® replacements


Perimeter Technologies is the only company offering a fully compatible range of products as replacement for OEM Invisible Fence® brand products. This range includes replacement collar receivers for both 7K and 10K frequencies as well as replacement batteries for R21, R22, R51 and MicroLite® receivers. Why not have a product better than the original for less!

Our batteries meet or exceed Invisible Fence®  specifications, while costing about half their price. These batteries work flawlessly with the Invisible Fence®  brand pet collars.

In fact, Perimeter Technologies has a patent pending and Invisible Fence customers now have a great alternative that works with the Invisible Fence®   R21, R5a and MicroLite receivers!

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