The Pet Stop EcoLite Receiver is the most technically advanced receiver on the market. The advantages over every dog fence containment system are amazing.

You are looking at the smallest and lightest receiver available! Weighing only .8 ounces, not only will the EcoLite contain the smallest dog; you can also use it on a 200 pound Great Dane. This technology is engineered with software programmed right into the receiver. Highly customizable, it has 382 individual settings that you can adjust depending on your dog’s temperament, drive and environment. The EcoLite’s run through protection system built right into the collar keeps your pet away from the fence and safe in your yard.

No more batteries to buy…EVER!

Pet Stop has created the smallest and lightest rechargeable receiver on the market. The receiver will tell you when to charge the battery with a flashing red light. When the receiver is being charged the light will turn green; when finished charging, the light will go off. The benefit beyond the savings in battery cost is the charge will last a minimum of 30 days, but more likely 60 – 90 days off one charge. It takes between 1 -3 hours to fully charge the receiver. Talk about savings and easy! No more running out to stores or ordering batteries online.

Night Light Feature


The exclusive “night light” feature is the best! Did you ever let your dog out at night and start to wonder where he is or what he is getting into? This feature will let you know where your dog is on the property at night all the time. It is a white LED light that you turn on when your dog goes outside. It will actually make your dog glow so, that you know exactly where he is and is not getting into trouble.

EcoLite Rechargable Receiver on Square Market