dogs love their time outside Dogs love their time outside!

Are you concerned that the installation will be difficult or disruptive to your property?

Is your dog a hard headed high drive type?  Or more sensitive or anxious than most dogs?

Oregon Dog Fence will provide expert help from design to installation, training and long-term support.   Our program will make you an expert in what matters without wasting your time on less important details.

These are the three most common dog fence layouts. 

In some variation, these three designs account for over 99% of dog fences installed.

Note that all three layouts tend to cost approximately the same, since the third layout requires a “double loop” of wire in the back.

perimeter dog fence layoutPERIMETER dog fence layout

The most common layout by far, the Perimeter loop is often installed much closer to the house on the street side, as a neighborhood friendly idea.

hourglass dog fence layoutHOURGLASS dog fence layout

The Hourglass layout is our second most common layout.  This layout acts as a common fenced in backyard, separeately from the fenced in front yard.  Your pet cannot go from front to back or back to front.

double loop dog fence layoutDOUBLE LOOP dog fence layout

This Double Loop provides backyard only protection.  We prefer to protect against front door escapes as well, so this design is usually installed when landscape conditions prevent a full perimeter layout.


Indoor Fence Layout

indoor fence layoutIndoor Fence Layout

Our pet fence solutions are just not limited to the outdoors. With our Indoor Transmitter you can keep your pets away from certain rooms and areas, such as the kitchen or away from your fine furniture. The Indoor Transmitters features the same customizable settings and features as the outdoor transmitting, and it has a special wireless option as well.

Your pet wears the same light-weight collar; no need to purchase additional equipment.