Prepare for the Training 
  • Place collar on your dog 1 hour or more before training session and remove 1 hour after each training session. 
Note: Collars should be removed at night to prevent neck sores.  
  • A session consists of 10-20 minutes of training followed by 10-20 minutes of play in the yard, 2 or more times daily
  • GentleSteps may take a few days up to a few weeks, plus supervised time ongoing.
  • Begin each session by preparing some outstanding treats. (Try this! Cut up many small pieces of human grade beef or chicken.)
  • Training starts in the yard with some treat rewarded basic commands, like sit, look up for your name, etc. Continue with treats, ball or toy play and belly rubs well after fence training is completed.
  • In any session, if dog seems particularly stressed for more than a minute or two, (eyes wide, panting, agitated, frantic, tail tucked, pulling towards house, etc), take the collar off and spend extra time near the flag line to calm your pet fully (10-20 minutes after the last correction) with belly rubs, back scratches, treats and your own enthusiasm before going inside.
  • Demonstrating sad or sympathetic behavior at any time can confirm for the dog that something is wrong. whereas a happy, playful, treat-generous handler will improve a pet’s mood more efficiently.
  • Don’t use a containment system for a dog with existing or developing aggression problems.
  • We recommend professional training help first.