Contact us to talk about your training needs and how we can help. Our services include training for puppies, dogs, and cats too: 

Dog Behavior Training 

•Obedience Training 
•House Training 
•Crate Training 
•Training Your Dog About Biting, Mouthing and Teething 

Dog Training Problems

•Biting, Mouthing and Anti-Aggression Training For Your Dog or Puppy 
•Leash Training Your Dog 

Training Your Dog 

•For Off-Leash Freedom 
•Not to Jump Up on People 

Training Your Dog to 

•Come When Called 
•Stop Chasing Cars, Cats, Joggers, etc. 
•Overcome Fear of Loud and Sudden Noises 
•Overcome Shyness 

Puppy Training  

•Training Puppy the First Week 
•Training Puppy about Biting and Mouthing 
•House Training Puppy 
•Crate Training Puppy 

Cat and Kitten Training

•Basic Cat Training – How Your Cat or Kitten Learns 
•Biting Cat 
•Cat Aggression and Socialization 
•Controlling Your Cat's Biting, Scratching and Clawing 
•Excessive Meowing or Vocal Blackmail 
•Litter Box Training Your Cat or Kitten 
•Rambunctious and Hyperactive Behavior in Your Cat or Kitten 
•Scratching Furniture and Cat Scratching Posts 
•Spraying – More on Cat House Training Problems 
•Cat and Kitten Training Part 1
Feline Territorial Behavior and Problems 
•Cat and Kitten Training Part 2
Feline Social Structures and Behavior 
•Cat and Kitten Training Part 3
Feline Predatory Behavior and Problems 
•Cat and Kitten Training Part 4
Learn more on House Soiling, Spraying, Marking and The Litter Box