RoamEO is a GPS-based dog product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets through the use of a GPS dog collar. RoamEO also has the GPS Fence, an invisible boundary that allows dog owners to establish an electronic perimeter for your pet. 

GPS: Not Just for Hikers Anymore

Sometimes the most complex technology can be applied to the simplest application. GPS technology is integrated into many parts of our lives today, from cell phones to navigation. We don't even give it a second thought anymore, yet our lives are the better for it every day. Now it is possible to use this same technology we find so ordinary in a new way, to help us protect one of the most important things in our lives: our pets.

Maybe your pet doesn't know what GPS is, but he does know how important your companionship is. So, keep him safe. RoamEO, so home is never far away. 



RoamEO is an exciting new product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate & contain their pets. Using a GPS-enabled collar, RoamEO can pinpoint your pet's location and show you where he's heading. It's that simple. Now each time you put on your pet's collar, it comes with the extraordinary advantage of knowing that you can locate your pet at anytime. Most of the time, it's just that extra comfort of knowing where he is when he's running around out back. And then there may be those times when your pet is counting on you to help him, and that's when RoamEO will make you his hero.

Also seen featured in:  Modern Dog Magazine and Doggie Aficionado

  • Locates your pet within one mile in all directions and displays this information on a color LCD screen.

  • Displays your pet's exact location, current movements, and velocity.

  • Create your own customized GPS Fence that will result in an audible alert if your pet leaves the defined perimeter.

  • Can track up to three pets simultaneously.

  • Easy to use: no installation required; no third party services necessary

Sample LCD Screen Shots – Fence on Left / GPS Status on Right


Warranty Statement

Manufacturer warranties the RoamEO GPS Pet Location System against defects and malfunctions in materials and workmanship, and against failure to conform to the product's written specifications for one (1) year from the date of original purchase. We make no other express warranty or representation of any kind whatsoever concerning this product.

Any such defect, malfunction, or non-conformity which occurs within one year from the date of your original purchase will either be repaired without charge or replaced with a new product identical or reasonably equivalent to this product, or your purchase refunded, at our option, within a reasonable time after our receipt of the defective product. This repair, or product replacement, or refund is the exclusive remedy available to you against us for any defect, malfunction, or non-conformity concerning our product or for any loss or damage resulting from any other cause whatsoever.

This warranty does not apply in the following circumstances: (1) if said defect is a result of negligence, accident, misuse, or carelessness; (2) if the product has been connected, installed, combined, altered, adjusted or handled in any manner other than according to the instructions furnished with this product; or (3) if the product has been serviced or repaired by anyone other than us.

Please note: You must retain your sales receipt proving your date of original purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

White Bear Technologies offers a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee on the RoamEO GPS Pet Location System. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with RoamEO, please return the system in its original packaging for a full refund. The product must be returned in new condition, with all components, or you may be accessed a 25% restocking fee. Prior authorization and shipping instructions for returns must be obtained by contacting 'Product Returns'.