Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats

Give your furry friends the freedom to come and go as they please without requiring you to let them in and out every time. Choose a pet door that is large enough for your dog or cat to enter and exit comfortably and safely.

We have pet doors for every situation and for any size animal. From Electronic dog doors for large dogs to automatic pet doors for cats and small dogs.

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Electronic Pet Doors

pet doors 1Our dog doors and pet doors are weather tight, offer bug protection and are unbreakable. The lifetime warranty even covers chewing!

When you purchase a dog door or pet door from us, we'll do all the work to get in installed in a door or a wall mount at a very competitive price.  

We offer the best customer service in the business and the doors we offer are always in stock!!!  

There are three main reasons to get an Electronic Pet Door:  

  1. Let your pets in and out while keeing other pets and animals out
  2. Keep one pet in (often a cat), while letting other pets out
  3. Improved security; keep a potential intruder/criminal (another person) out

 Other reasons

  • Prevent the wind blowing the pet door open; electronic pet doors are wind proof
  • Keep the baby in while letting the pets out

If you do not need an electronic solution, then one of our other reliable and less expensive pet doors will work for you.

Manual Pet Door – Wall Mount or Door Mount



pet doors 2Got a Great Dane, no problem… We have giant size pet doors that will fit your dog. Teacup Chihuahua, no problem….we have doggy doors for toy dogs too. Need a cat door for your Maine Coon, no worries…..we've got your cat covered too. We pride ourselves on having a complete selection of pet doors including a unique selection of doggie doors and cat doors to fit any size dog or cat.

We install the following brands:

  • Dog Walk
  • Ideal
  • Pet Safe
  • Staywell

and more……..