The Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Collar is for the Occasional "Hard-Headed" Dog.

This is the most powerful dog fence collar available With FIVE LEVELS OF CORRECTION PLUS VIBRATION as an added deterrent. This is a true breakthrough in pet containment.

The Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Collar is for the occasional hard-to-train dog and is compatible with all Pet Safe, Radio Fence and Pet Guardian Brand underground dog fences. It weighs just 3 ounces and measures 2.25 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches. It is three times more powerful than our regular dog fence collars and is designed with stubborn or hard to train dogs.

Because of its size, this receiver should be used for dogs that are 20 pounds or larger. The Stubborn Dog Collar comes complete with collar, short probes for short hair dogs and long probes for long hair dogs. The Stubborn Dog Collar requires a 9 volt battery (Not Included). We have 9 volt batteries available in a two pack. Don't forget to order batteries here when ordering the Stubborn Dog Collar.

The Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Fence Collar Includes:

  • Receiver with adjustable collar
  • Operating Guide
  • Test Light Tool

PetSafe PRF-275-19 Stubborn Dog Fence Collar Features:

  • The most powerful receiver on the market
  • Ideal for extremely hard to train dogs, or
  • Dogs that are consistently breaking through the boundary and need a stronger receiver
  • Five Levels of Programmable Correction plus a vibration feature in the warning tone as an additional deterrent
    • Level one is warning only with vibration – ideal for initial training or very timid pets
    • Levels two thru four are for easy or average to train pets
    • Level five is for very hard to train or stubborn pets
    • Progressive Correction – if your pet attempts to leave the yard, the receiver will automatically increase the correction level until he returns
    • Anti Linger so the dog cannot stay in the warning zone and run down the battery
    • Levels are easily changed with a push of a button on the receiver
  • Uses a common 9 volt battery providing a average battery life of 6-9 months. Sold Separately
  • Low Battery Indicator Light – Lets you know when the batteries need replacing. The #1 cause of pets leaving a containment system are weak or dead batteries
  • Waterproof receiver
  • Safety features include:
    • Protection against false activation – Only our transmitter can activate the receiver. No false activation from Televisions, cordless phones, garage door opener etc
    • Receiver Fail-Safe – If your pet gets trapped in the correction zone, the receiver will shut down after 20 seconds to protect your pet.