The Pet Safe Wireless Dog Fence Collar works with the Pet Safe Instant Wireless Dog Fence. If you have more than one dog, you will need an extra receiver for each one you want to contain. The Pet Safe wireless dog fence receiver has a beep only mode for training and Five Levels of Programmable Correction.

The Pet Safe wireless dog fence receiver is designed to comfortably fit your dog with a curved inside edge and two sets of probes to ensure the best fit for your dog. The receiver is waterproof and has a low battery indicator light that will blink to let you know it is time to change your battery. The wireless fence receiver has built in over correction protection; it will automatically shut down if your dog leaves your yard. The receiver is lightweight weighing only 2.5 ounces.

The PetSafe Instant Fence Wireless Dog Fence Collar Includes:

  • Receiver with adjustable collar
  • Operating Guide
  • Pet Safe RFA-67D Battery
  • Test Light Tool

PetSafe Instant Fence Wireless Dog Fence Receiver Features:

  • 6 Volt Battery Included
  • 6 adjustable levels of correction
  • New beep only training mode
  • Safety features include:
    • Protection against false signals. Only our transmitter can activate the receiver. Other brands' receivers can be activated by Televisions, cordless phones, garage door openers, etc. We use filters and coded signals to prevent this. Don't trust your pet's safety to anything but a Pet Safe™ Containment System
    • Receiver Fail-Safe. If your pet leaves the correction zone, the receiver will shut down after 30 seconds to prevent over correction
  • Waterproof
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Lightweight 2.5 ounce receiver that's only 2 1/4"W x 1 5/8" D x 1" H

The Instant Fence Receiver comes complete with collar, short probes for short hair dogs and long probes for long hair dogs. It is compatible only with the Pet Safe™ brand Instant Fence Wireless Pet Containment System.

Not compatible with Invisible Fence® Pet Fences or Pet Safe Underground Dog Fences