trade in 1If you're a current owner of an Invisible Fence® system, or any other dog fence system, we offer special trade-in pricing.  It doesn't matter if you're just looking for a receiver or a whole new system — if your wire is good, our products can work at your home!

Trade in your Invisible Fence® Electronic Pet Fence for a Pet Stop® Fence! Pet Stop® is the most advanced American made electric dog fence on the market, and we provide trade in specials for current owners of Invisible Fencing® products.  We can provide independent service on your Invisible Fence® wire and evaluate your Invisible Fence® electronics.

Also, we provide owners of Invisible Fence® brand pet containment systems with their first real battery choice: Our Invisible Fence® replacement batteries meet or exceed Invisible Fence® specifications for the R-21®, R-51® Basic, Platinum®, etc., Receiver collars.  This battery is a replacement for the Invisible Fence® Powercap® battery. 
Oregon Dog Fence is not affiliated with Invisible Fence®, Invisible Fencing or the Invisible Fence Company.  However, many of our clients have chosen to trade in their Invisible Fence® system for our Pet Stop® equipment. 
A recent trade-in we sold on eBay!

trade in 2Why trade? 

●  Quality – You want the best for your pet. 
 You're in control – choose and adjust your own correction levels 
●  Save money – the annual battery costs half of Invisible Fence battery costs 
●  Compatibility – our transmitters and receivers work with most other systems 

Invisible Fence® Replacement batteries,  Powercap®

Perimeter Technologies is the only company offering a fully 

trade in 3

compatible range of products as replacement for OEM Invisible Fence® brand products. This range includes replacement collar receivers for both 7K and 10K frequencies as well as replacement batteries for R21, R22, R51 and MicroLite® receivers. Why not have a product better than the original for less! 
Our batteries meet or exceed Invisible Fence®  specifications, while costing about half their price. These batteries work flawlessly with the Invisible Fence®  brand pet collars. 
In fact, Perimeter Technologies has a patent pending and Invisible Fence customers now have a great alternative that works with the Invisible Fence®   R21, R5a and MicroLite receivers! 
All Rights Reserved.- Invisible Fence and MicroLite are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence, Inc. 

Competitor Products – Manufactured in China"Made in China." 

How many times have you seen THAT on a product? 
It's no secret that China manufactures thousands upon thousands of products in their home country… then exports them en masse to the USA and other countries for sale. 
Who's doing all the importing and selling? 
For the most part… it's the "big bad corporations." And, it is every pet containment competitor in the market, with the exception of Pet Stop by Perimeter Technologies.  They import BILLIONS of dollars worth of Chinese-made products each year… then resell these products in their American stores… at HUGE markups… for MASSIVE profits.