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Service for Your Pet Safe System

The Pet Safe Pro brand has officially been retired and there is no dealer to help you with your service. So, if you have a Pet Safe Pet Containment System whether it is a Pro-TX Pro System or a retail version and you need service, we’re here to help you!


We Service ALL BRANDS of Electronic Dog fences and Cat fences too that include the following brands:

PetSafe®, Pet Guardian®, Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Dog Guard®, Pet Stop®, Pet Stop®

For service areas outside our designated service area, a fuel surcharge will be added.  Oregon Dog Fence does often provide it’s Invisible fence, dog fence, cat fence, hidden fence, electric fence services throughout the Oregon area. 

Oregon Service Areas by City and Zip Code

(971) 205-2474


Don’t see your city or area code listed, call us anyway, chances are we service your area!




Ask about our great trade in pricing on Pet Safe Pro, Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch brands of pet containment. We are not associated with Invisible Fence®, but several of our veterinarian clients have traded in their Invisible Fence® and other brand systems for the technically advanced Pet Stop® Pet Fence System.

When you are ready to swap out your China made dog fence systems for the American made all digital (DM Technology) Pet Stop® pet fences, you will find our brand to be compatible with the Invisible Fence® and Pet Safe®, Am-Fm brand, including other pet containment products. This flexibility demonstrates a single example of why Pet Stop® is the most advanced and adjustable buried wire dog fence on the market!

Note: We also offer batteries and dog fence collars compatible with most industry-wide pet fence products for less! Click here to see the dog collars we offer and be sure to check out the compatible batteries including the new Invisicell Rechargable Battery for your Invisible Fence.

*Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies. Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company, a division of Radio Systems Corp, PetSafe® is also a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corp. is not associated with Invisible Fence® or PetSafe®

Los Angeles Law Firm Freeman & Freeman, LLP Releases Recommendations for Keeping Pedestrians Safe this Halloween

Los Angeles Law Firm Freeman & Freeman, LLP Releases Recommendations for Keeping Pedestrians Safe this Halloween

Los Angeles, CA. (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

On Halloween, similar injuries seem to happen to children every year. Through increased awareness, the attorneys of Freeman & Freeman, LLP hope to reduce the number of such tragedies. Children suffer burns when flammable costumes get too close to candles; kids running in the streets trip and fall on poorly maintained roads that become even more dangerous as the result of ill-fitting costumes; but pedestrian accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death may be the most serious hazard.

Attorney Steven Freeman says “because children often begin trick-or-treating during dusk and Halloween is on a weekday this year, this is a dangerous combination. Commuters may be returning home after work, visibility may be compromised at dusk and children are flooding the neighborhood streets. Being aware of pedestrians is always important but the need for attentive driving is particularly crucial on Halloween.”

Even after dusk, the dangers may increase because, as Stan Freeman says, “inadequate street lighting may be in place and kids may be wearing dark costumes and be even less focused than usual on their own safety. Drivers must be extra cautious in order to avoid a Halloween-night accident.”

The attorneys have good reason to encourage caution. On October 23 of 2012, State Farm released a study that compiled data gathered over the last two decades. “Halloween is ‘Deadliest Day’ of the Year for Child Pedestrian Fatalities” is a grim reminder of the need to prioritize safety. According to the study “Kids have a greater chance of being fatally injured by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year, including the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day.” They studied the Fatality Analysis Reporting System’s data and found that, between 1990 and 2010 in the United States, there were 150 child pedestrian fatalities on Halloween. This represents 5.5 fatalities on each Halloween for the last two decades. There are an average of 2.6 reported child pedestrian fatalities each other day of the year.

“The State Farm report, and other data, prove that the need for increased caution on October 31 is not just based on anecdote and common sense. There are factual reasons why everyone needs to take safety seriously on Halloween. Though young children who go out with their parents are at risk, drivers must watch out for older kids who are 10, 11 and 12 years old who may be trick-or-treating without adult chaperones,” Steven Freeman says.

Stan Freeman adds, “After years of representing families of children injured in pedestrian accidents, we are well-equipped to aggressively pursue justice against liable parties after such a tragedy, but we would much rather prevent the injuries or wrongful deaths from occurring in the first place.”

Of course motor vehicle operators are responsible for the safety of pedestrians especially when those pedestrians are children. Though drivers should be cautious and may be liable for any injuries they cause, pedestrians can minimize their own risks.

Based upon their legal experience and their familiarity with the American Auto Club’s safety guidelines for Halloween and the American Academy of Pediatrics safety tips for the holiday, Freeman & Freeman, LLP offers the following suggestions for pedestrian safety on Halloween:

    Make sure that costumes are brightly colored and have prominent reflective material. If a dark colored costume is going to be worn, be extremely diligent about putting reflective material on it.
    If a costume includes a mask, hat, or other headwear, be sure that it does not restrict vision. Children cannot avoid cars if they do not see them coming.
    Do not buy costumes that pose a tripping hazard. Costumes that are too large may lead to tripping and a child who is on the ground may be invisible to a driver.
    Make sure any swords, staffs, sabers, wands or other accessories are not an impediment to walking. They can create a falling hazard.
    Especially for children who may be out on Halloween night without adult supervision, make sure each child has a working flashlight.
    Have children stay on the sidewalk, stay in well-lit areas and exercise caution when crossing streets or intersections.
    Children should stay in groups to increase their visibility to drivers.

Of course there are other dangers on Halloween that must be acknowledged: candles must be kept away from curtains and placed in an area where they can always be observed and are not at risk of being knocked over. If possible, use a flashlight or glow stick for illumination of jack-o-lanterns and other decor. Also, make sure that a dog-bite incident does not become part of the night’s memory; make sure pets are secured so they do not get access to children who may be knocking on doors. These are just a few of the many Halloween hazards for children and adults.

Above all, the attorneys emphasize, children are not responsible for their own safety and must be kept safe by adults. Whether you have children or not, the attorneys say, all adults have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. And because Halloween has become a holiday that is increasingly popular with adults, this may mean alcohol is involved. Never drink and drive, they warn, but because the risks of a pedestrian accident are so high on Halloween, this reminder is especially important.

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Q&A: how do i deal with a disobedient pup?

Question by mrcoolguy: how do i deal with a disobedient pup?
hey, my pup is disobedient, he is a male puppy. i think i could handle him, but sometimes he gets on my nerves and i smack him (not all the time though) i always tell him “bad dog, stop biting” and i tell him this over and over again and he ignores me. how do i deal with pups like this?

Best answer:

Answer by Comatose
First off, he’s a puppy.

Second off, I’d bite you too if you kept smacking me.

Positive reinforcement training. STOP hitting your dog. It’s not necessary. How old is your pup, and what is he? If he’s still a little pup (few months), redirect the biting with a toy.

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Anyone ever heard of this type of dog training?

Question by snowprincess1313: Anyone ever heard of this type of dog training?
The woman whose place we kennel our puppy at recommended a training book that could help us. The author is Jan Fennell, and she is another modern “dog whisperer”. She’s written several books, but the ones the lady recommended to us are called “The Dog Listener” and “The Practical Dog Listener”.

In these books she features a type of training called Amichien bonding. I won’t go in depth on it now but here is a site describing what it is:

I was wondering if any of you had tried this form of training and if it worked for you? I am about to implement it with my samoyed.
To Retired: I’m not trying to get anyone to buy this book- I was just wondering how people’s experiences with this form of training were. The link was included for informational purposes. Read the whole question please.

Best answer:

Answer by bernel1403
I don’t check links when I answer questions.

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What is the best deterrent in keeping a dog from digging holes underneath a wooden fence and escaping?

Question by Bill: What is the best deterrent in keeping a dog from digging holes underneath a wooden fence and escaping?
My dog weighs 20 lbs. I have heard hundreds of things you can do to break him of this bad habit but I can’t afford to spend a lot of money “guinea pigging” things to resolve the problem. If anyone can offer a solution, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by alisha
A bag of cement. Doesn’t cost much. Mix it up, pour it along the fence line, dog can’t dig anymore, simple. Goodluck!

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Q&A: Splicing another wire into my “invisible fence” wire but I can’t make it work. What’s the problem?

Question by w1w1hardy: Splicing another wire into my “invisible fence” wire but I can’t make it work. What’s the problem?
I’ve spliced two different sized wires into my invisible fence wire and neither one is conducting the electricity from the invisible fence. What am I doing wrong?

Best answer:

Answer by XTX
=== you do not have the fence insulated and we need more detail about your Indivisible fence… what is supposed to happen with an electrified wire fence is that the hot wire is not grounded and the insulated hot wire is suspended from those insulated ceramic holders and when the fence is touched by man or dog or other animales then it is grounded and the current is discharged into the intruder …. check for grounded hot wire and it must be on a separate breaker …. not a GFCI …

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Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County John Rapillo Comments on Report About Proposal To Protect Cyclists

Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County John Rapillo Comments on Report About Proposal To Protect Cyclists

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown is considering signing a bill that establishes a mandatory buffer zone between drivers and bicyclists traveling in the same direction, a proposal that Orange County personal injury lawyer John Rapillo today said could save lives if signed into law.

Commenting on an article about the proposal in (California Gov. Jerry Brown to consider road safety measure, Sept. 4), Rapillo said cyclists who have a legal right to use the road have been seriously injured or killed in accidents due to a driver’s negligence.

“Most cyclists who ride on a regular basis have probably had a close call with a passing car or a truck,” said Rapillo, a car accident attorney who represents victims of negligence and families who lost loved ones in accidents. “The law states that drivers must pass at a safe distance. What’s a safe distance? The law does not currently say, and that can make it difficult in determining liability if a cyclist is injured or killed.”

According to, the governor is weighing approving a bill that calls for drivers to pass at least 3 feet to the left of bicyclists on California roads. The bill was approved last month by California lawmakers and is awaiting Brown’s signature.

The proposed law would mean a $ 35 fine for a violator or a $ 220 fine if the violator strikes a cyclist, reports. The law would go into effect next year if Brown signs the proposal, according to the news story.

“As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact of bicycle accidents,” Rapillo said. “In so many cases, a cyclist is riding legally on the side of the road and is struck down by a careless motorist. In the blink of an eye, the cyclist goes from being completely healthy to dealing with a lifetime of serious health problems.”

Rapillo said the cycling bill is a step in the right direction toward holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

Rapillo said personal injury lawyers can help victims of negligence pursue compensation for their losses. An attorney also can help victims and their families send a message that careless actions by drivers will not be tolerated on California roads.

For more information about what to do after a serious or fatal bicycle accident in Southern California and the legal options available to families, call (800) 814-4771 or go to:

About the Law Offices of John Rapillo

An experienced, knowledgeable lawyer with more than 30 years experienced, Orange County personal injury lawyer John Rapillo provides quality legal advice to injury victims throughout Southern California. The Law Offices of John Rapillo has offices in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. The law firm handles a wide range of cases, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, construction accidents and pedestrian accidents. Attorney Rapillo works on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing if you don’t win. Contact the Law Offices of John Rapillo today for a free case evaluation.

The Law Offices of John Rapillo

17011 Beach Boulevard

Suite 900

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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