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Rescue Dog Training

Rescue Dog Training

German shepherd rescue dog training is different from the usual training that you might find or give your dog. This type of training requires more time, effort, know how, patience and consistency. This is due to the fact that you will be teaching your dog more than just the usual every day techniques.

There is no doubt that the training will be somewhat a bit more stressful because of the intensity that it will require, which is why you need to think about things deeply before getting on the program. Also, you will need to take into account the age of your German shepherd as the training will somewhat be stressful if your pet is not mentally and physically prepared for it.

In starting, you might want to take things slow. Basic techniques will still need to be established before any advanced methods are employed. So be sure that your pet learns this as thoroughly as he can. This will also be somewhat of an indicator as to whether you fit will have the behavior and patience to continue on with more intensive training or not. Place into mind that the task you will have on your hand will not be easy, but is not impossible as well.

For most part, you might want to start with “detraining” your pet first before any of the real training can begin. Once detraining of unacceptable behavior has been done next comes the establishment of any lacking skills of behaviors that your dog might need to get through the program successfully.

Once all the needed skills have been established, then comes the more rigorous rescue training process. Swimming, stamina building, strength training, will then ensue to equip your dog with all the skills that he needs to make him more effective.

The process can be somewhat long, and in some cases even continuous depending on the speed of improvement and necessity, which is why you need to be well prepared for it. German shepherd rescue dog training won’t be easy; you will need accurate and up to date information regarding proper training procedures. This can be a challenge in itself because of the more specialized nature of the topic. Thankfully there’s a site that you will be able to count on when looking for the right information. Rescue Dog Training has plenty of informational materials when it comes to German shepherd training, and will surely be able to provide you with the valuable techniques and methods that you are looking for so be sure to visit it.


I need some help from Real Estate investors!?

Question by M. Ly: I need some help from Real Estate investors!?
Hello all,

I know there are many ways to invest in real estate, but to begin I want to start out small. I choose “bird dog” as a start up to help me with my financial situations be it low risk and requires no or little money.

How do I find these numbers for the investor(s)?

1. Asking Price (I know this one )
2. Property Value
3. Repair Costs
4. Repair details
5. Mortgage Balance (If applicable)
6. Mortgage Payments (If applicable)
7. Reason Why the seller is Selling! (I’ll answer this one myself)
8. Comparables
9. PHOTOS (I should know this one)
10. Full Address and contact INFO of Owner (And this too)

NOTE: Are there anything else that I need for a smoother transaction from seller to investor? Please fill in the blanks.

Thank you,

Best answer:

Answer by Invest Pro
2) Check the county assessors office, get a title company on your team.
3) Bring a contractor to the site to give an accurate written estimate.
4) Same as 3.
5) Title company can give you this, there are also services you can subscribe to like data quick.
6) Title company again
7) Ask the seller directly, the answer is not always the truth, so investigate further by asking other questions.
8) Realtor, or use a website like
9) Take them yourself, have an agent take them, ask the seller for photos or their agent
10) Title company again.
Depending on what your investors are looking for, rehabs, foreclosures, short sales, rental units, etc depends on how much investigating and details they will require.
Another great way to make $ in this industry with 0 financial risk is referrals. If you are interested in this, contact me.

In closing, get educated on this industry before dipping into it. Education does not cost, it pays!
I can refer you on this as well.

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Q&A: How would one make a new breed of dog (READ QUESTION BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS)?

Question by Adora Karren Carrie La May: How would one make a new breed of dog (READ QUESTION BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS)?
I am just curious. How would one make a new breed of dog, using pure-breed dogs and mixing them. I am just curious. I am full of questions. Suggestions on new breeds and designer cross breeds welcome. I know you can’t just throw two pure breed different breeds together and get another breed, it takes work, years, even decades to make a new breed.
I am just curious! I just think of things and wonder how can they be done. I am not seriously considering. I am very “pro adoption”, not buying from breeders and saving a dogs life (not that I am against people who buy from breeders but I encourage them to adopt instead). As I have saved 3, off the street.
1 Akita/Ridge back mix (EXTRA LARGE)
1 Medium Mutt (Medium)
1 German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix (A little smaller then my medium one, she looks just like a Mini German Shepherd, even has short-ish hair)
Let me repeat myself, I know this will take decades to accomplish. I know that you can not just throw two dogs together and get a new breed. I know you have to be responsible. Please do not repeat what I have already said.

Best answer:

Answer by More Bored Collie
It takes decades of selective breeding done by intelligent people.
You would need to figure out which traits you would want the “new breed” to possess, and breed only stock that produces such traits together. Eventually through responsible selective breeding, the dogs produced will begin to breed to a “standard” with predictable traits. As mentioned, this does take decades to achieve.

Those creating those designer mutts these days lack the intelligence, know how, and overall care to properly create a new breed. All they care about is the amount of money they can make off these mutts.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Rescue Pets Reddish Brown/White Dog

Rescue Pets Reddish Brown/White Dog

  • So Sweet Special Feature Plush With Sound
  • Tail Wags and Head Moves Side to Side
  • Soulful Eyes
  • Sound & Movement Activated by Motion Sensor (Try Me)
  • Recommended Age Range 5+

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 28.95

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Dog Rescue T-Shirt / Womens White Small

Dog Rescue T-Shirt / Womens White Small

  • “Rescued is my favorite breed” t-shirt
  • 50% of each sale is donated to A Place To Bark, a no-kill pet rescue in TN.
  • Rescued dog photos courtesy of Joseph Frazz and Bernie Berlin
  • Design by Samantha Price

100% ring spun cotton Tshirt, 4 1/2 oz. Preshrunk. Ladies Tshirt has a slightly taper cut, with feminine 1/2″ rib knit collar. Mens Tshirt has a slim euro-style cut, with 3/4″ rib knit collar. Available in white, sizes S thru XXL.

Price: $ 16.00

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The Lost Dog Mystery (Meg Parker Mysteries Set 1)

The Lost Dog Mystery (Meg Parker Mysteries Set 1)


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