Welcome to Oregon Dog Fence, a family-owned business dedicated to making a difference in the quality of life for your family’s dogs.

My name is Deborah Holmes, and I began this incredible venture in Southern California with the idea that I wanted to work in the pet industry and deal with the challenges of keeping our beloved pets safe in their own environment. I opened our California office in 2004 with the help of my incredible team, and started Oregon Dog Fence in June of 2008 after moving back to my hometown of Beaverton.

My passion has always been animals, and as the owner of two dogs, a Siberian Husky and a Poochon, a Bijon/Poodle-mix, I know that all animals need fresh air and exercise. It’s not good for a dog’s mental, physical, and emotional health to stay indoors, or be tied or tethered outside all the time. 

Dogs become anxious and aggressive if they are not allowed the freedom to run, jump, and play like all dogs should. And yet we need to keep them safe and protected while they are happy and content being a dog. 

So I became involved with Pet Stop’s Invisible Pet Fence System. This unique containment system allows pet owners to give their dogs the freedom they crave, while not having to worry about them leaving the safety of their own yard where they are left unsupervised and subject to injury or worse. 

I have been a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals since 2004. I believe in gentle progressive training of both dogs and owners and received my Gentle Steps Certification in order to better serve my clients in learning how to use positive reinforcement techniques as part of the training they receive with the Invisible Pet Stop System. 

The Gentle Steps Training course is a method developed specifically for Pet Stop by Rich Weinssen, owner of Hidden Fence Company in New Jersey. This approach is a model only and allows us to custom tailor training programs to meet the needs of each dog. Much as you wouldn’t teach all children the same way, you can’t train all dogs using the same tactics over and over, so we individualize our training to meet the needs of your dog. 

My daughter and I work very hard to show pet parents how to use the system correctly without abusing it. We train your dogs at your property, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure all the dogs under our care are well-trained before we leave your home. 

All dog lovers know that teaching a dog is a process, so we return to your home within two weeks after the initial training (or before if needed) to reinforce what your pet has learned and to address any issues that may have arisen. 

I don’t believe in just walking away from a job without knowing that my clients have every resource available to them, so the families that purchase the Invisible Pet Stop Fence System know how to make minor adjustments to fit their particular situation without invoking a service call. I also leave dog owners with supportive training documentation to help them continue to reinforce what we have already taught them and their dogs. 

My clients know that I have the best interests of their dogs at heart, and I have an open door policy for any questions or concerns that come up. 

After all, what better way is there to serve my passion than to help all animals’ live safe and happy lives?