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The Furminator Part 2 – The Online Pet Store

The Furminator Part 2

The Furminator is a great way to remove loose hair from your dog or cat. Video produced at

Pet inspired shoes, totes, sandals, loafers, picture frames and more. Go to to see more of their unique products. Amore dei cani…
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Canine Diseases & Treatment : Dog Dental Diseases

Dental diseases in dogs are quite common, as tartar can build up, causing inflammation along the gum line, known as gingivitis, growths on the gums and tooth…

Dog Intelligence Test

My dog, who is normally pretty intelligent, fails a simple test.

Bulldogs are not known for their intelligence but I think Toby is pretty smart. A simple towel test to test your dog’s IQ. Give it a try! Visit Toby’s websit…
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Toy Dog Abuse

Even hitting stuffed animals with ping pong rackets and throwing them to the bed is completely awful. All credit goes to me for doing everything. 🙂
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Leaders in Washington Parish say one of the solutions to the animal cruelty will be to put a parish-wide animal control system in place.

Cute Dog Pictures!


Love cute dogs? Me too! Visit for “doglover” tips: + get more pictures of cute dogs and puppies. Get useful information, demonstr…
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Old Superhero spots the Wiener Mobile! Interior too!

One of only 6 in existence, probably one of the most Elaborate “Kit Cars” out there. The driver told me they start with a UPS style Delivery truck, Then a co…