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Hero and His Tux Toy

11-07-2011. Me just advertising the Zogoflux “Tux” Indestructible dog toy. Both of my Rat-chis have one and they are PERFECT to have because they cannot dest…

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super funny dog pictures !

funny loldog pictures that I have collected. I made this video a while back when I had a very bad taste in music IMO, but I can’t be bothered changing it.. lol. ?cid=1714056022 Click this…
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Funny dog pictures with words.
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Adult Dog Potty Training Tips

Housebreaking an adult dog can be difficult but not impossible. It takes patience, and perseverance. Check out our blog for extra tips on how to potty train …

Funny Dogs Video – Funny Dogs Playing In Leaves Compilation – Funny Dog Videos Ever

Top 10 Dogs Playing in Leaves| Dogs Playing in Leaf Piles | Dogs Playing in Leaves | Puppies Playing in Leaves | Puppies Playing in Leaf Piles | Dog Playing …

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Puppymill dog stairs for 1st time

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Burton “Lucky Dog” Stick Fight

http;// A breakdown of a stick fighting session revealing the hard to see tactics and strategies essential to apply technique against …
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Wristbands & Cuffs.
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Find a Dog a Home (Part 1) – No Danger Diaries #36

A day out finding friendly canines to profile and find a home. If you are interested or know of someone looking for a dog, look no further and help us share …
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