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Are “turkey hot dogs” wrapped in intestine?

Question by L-dawg: Are “turkey hot dogs” wrapped in intestine?
I bought some “Jennie O” brand turkey dogs. My friend says they are wrapped in intestines. Is that true? ew.

Best answer:

Answer by Tony
No. Not Jennie O and Turkey dogs as far as I know will never be wrapped in pork, lamb, or beef intestine in a commercial grade since the turkey dog’s biggest buyer is the no red meat eater and health interest people. The skin is one made of vegetable proteins and cellulose.

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Goldendoodle dog going to the dog park!

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Healthy Dog Treat Maker, Pupolicious, Announces Healthy Dog Treats Now for Every Dogs’ Next Birthday Party

Healthy Dog Treat Maker, Pupolicious, Announces Healthy Dog Treats Now for Every Dogs’ Next Birthday Party

Pupolicious Birthday Parties

Quincy, IL (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

Whether someone is throwing a party for their fur-child, or giving out goodies to a friend for their little one’s special day, plan to give out goodie bags full of healthy dog treats from Pupolicious that are baked in your kitchen with no unpronounceable ingredients for all of the happy dogs.

“When my lab turned 10, we went nuts. Her vet had just diagnosed her with copper storage disease, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, end stage liver failure, cataracts and more. It’s as if, all of a sudden, she had all the problems in the world,” said Karin, loving dog owner. “They said 6 months to a year, and it is great and we are so happy, because she is still enjoying Pupolicious and being a totally happy and healthy little girl, with the help of 18 chewable pills hiding in her prescription food twice a day!”

She goes on to say, “Anyways, we gave out goodie bags full of wheat free dog treats from Pupolicious! I would suggest a birthday package where a dozen see-through plastic goodie bags are included, which are very inexpensive even with bone print added so dog parents can save money while handing out cute little party favors or impressing friends with their thoughtfulness.”

The homemade dog biscuits, which are also gluten-free dog treats, come with dog bone cookie cutters that children love and two sizes of cookie cutters are available: one for small dogs and one for medium-sized and large dogs. Each bag of mix makes 25-50 treats. The homemade dog treats are baked in a conventional oven and are ready in just a few minutes. The video included shows how much fun a birthday party can be for your special puppy, making them a big part of the family.

Healthy dog treats by Pupolicious can be ordered online at and shipped anywhere in the United States; they are also made in the U.S.A.

About Pupolicious

Pupolicious produces healthy dog treats that are made at home by pet owners, not in some unknown factory. New products include gluten free dog treats and wheat free dog treats. These homemade dog treats can be ordered online at Each package includes a bag of mix, a cookie cutter and easy-to-follow directions. Customers mix and bake the snacks at home and can decorate the bone-shaped treats with healthy colored icing.

For further information, visit or call 217-214-7137.

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Q&A: Is “Sleeping Dogs” worth a purchase? How does it compare to other open world crime games?

Question by Milla S.: Is “Sleeping Dogs” worth a purchase? How does it compare to other open world crime games?
I’m thinking of purchasing Sleeping Dogs for my PC. I really like open world “crime” games, like GTA (of course), Saints Row 2 & 3, Red Dead Redemption and even though you don’t play a criminal in it I also like L.A. Noire. I also like Kung-Fu movies and martial arts in general . So, is the game worth purchasing? How are the controls? How is it compared to Red Dead Redemption, GTA and so on?

Best answer:

Answer by Sunshine
Sleeping dogs is a follow up to True crime games, it plays a lot like a mix of games, like it mixes Batman Arkham City with blends of GTA. Fighting is simple enough and if mastered you can string together some pretty impressive fighting. Music is fitting for the game mixing hip hop and trending music but also using oriental sounds to give this game a unique feel. The acting is spot on for the game and is voiced by some big named Asian actors. The storyline keeps you engrossed and lets you play both sides of the law which keeps it interesting..There is loads to do and see with side missions aswell , but unlike gta you play as a cop aswell so you do missions on both sides . there is to much to list but to sum up great story , missions , fighting , racing,

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Pet Pram and Stroller Visit our website for FUN and VALUE pet prams and strollers. More designs and cute colors available.
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Our dog, Daisy Doodle, likes to ride around in a play baby stroller.

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