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Big Tanuki

Image by Wallslide
This is a giant tanuki statue. Tanuki is a Japanese trickster able to change shape at will. A real tanuki is actually a type of dog that looks racoonish, and is called a "racoon dog" by non-Japanese. This statue’s genitelia are so large because tanukis really do have large genitelia.

‘see I am a mad dog’ 30 Days of Rosemary (8 of 30)

Image by PhotKing ♛
We have just started using a harness outside, which Rosmary seems to enjoy alot more. Her lead use to virtually strangle her as she is the type of dog that pulls alot and runs at will. Here is Emily and her mum covering up from the rain.

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Subject: Real Illusions #16

Image by aerostockians1scaf.sofact
Description: From time to time I come across some very eerie aerostockian scenes. Here one scene depicts a serpent preparing for battle against some type of dog, maybe. Another scene shows a big serpent, and another scene shows some type of large serpent, maybe.

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