It’s Easy to Find the Perfect Dog Breed—Just Ask the Crowd

Golden Retrievers tend to be loyal pets.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2013, a platform that hosts thousands of crowdsourced answers to opinion-based questions, has collected the aggregated opinion of over 1,200 voters on the topic of “The Best Dog Breeds.”

Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are the most popular breeds on the list, which closely corresponds with the American Kennel Club’s statistics on the most registered dog breeds. The Top 10 Dog Breeds Are:

1.    Labrador Retriever

2.    Golden Retriever

3.    German Shepherd

4.    Border Collie

5.    Collie

6.    St. Bernard

7.    Rottweiler

8.    Newfoundland

9.    American Bulldog

10.    Beagle

On the list, voters are able to vote up the breeds that are most suitable as pets, vote down the ones that are less desirable and create their own ranked list of breeds. As described by a recent Forbes article, “Ranker’s hook is that everyone can vote on these pages – or they can go deeper and make their own version of a given ranking, participating in the ‘wisdom of crowds.’”

Potential dog owner Jenny Edwards says that she plans to use “The Best Dog Breeds” list to help her decide which type of dog to buy. “I ask my friends’ advice about literally everything I do,” she says, “especially about big decisions like what breed of dog I should get. Looking at this list is like getting all of my friends’ advice at once—if I had thousands of friends.”

See the full list of The Best Dog Breeds, as well as 1000’s of other opinion-based lists on

About Ranker

Ranker is a crowdsourced platform that consumers visit over 9 million times a month to view, rank, and vote on broad opinion-based questions ranging from the best honeymoon destinations to best cars for teenagers. With “The Best Dog Breeds” and other lists, Ranker hopes to provide the best possible answer to any question that can be answered in list form. These answers can inform consumers’ decisions, influence business choices or stoke an old-fashioned debate. Ranker is backed by Draper Associates, Rincon Venture Partners, Siemer Ventures, Data Collective, Gil Elbaz, Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels

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