Question by Afran: How to get rid of that “wet dog” smell, if possible?
We just got a new dog. He is 5 months old and is a catahoula/Australian shepherd mix. When we got him last night, first thing I did was give him a bath using the Dawn olay hand renewal soap. After giving him one, he still has that “wet dog” smell. I understand it when he is wet, but is there anyway to get rid of the smell altogether? Are there any dog powders, shampoos, leave in conditioners, or dogs wipes that will not just mask the smell but also deodorize the smell. I have him scheduled to see the vet in 2 weeks to get neutered and checked out, should I wait til’ then before I go out and buy different products? Thanks for your help, its just anytime I pet him or love on him, the smell transfers to my body.

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Answer by Belgian Nut
Didn’t you bother brushing and blow drying him after the bath (which SHOULD have been with dog shampoo!!!)? He shouldn’t have any wet dog smell. Brush the dog and don’t put any more junk in his coat or on his skin. Dogs should never be bathed more than once every 6 weeks at most (and that often is only for dogs who are on a high quality diet with enough salmon oil daily) because every time you bath, you’re stripping oils out of the coat and drying skin – all of which can contribute to a bad smell.

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