A few nice dog steps images I found:


Image by Jan Tik
Hi, I am a Bourke’s Parakeet and my name is Magenta. I have only one eye since that bad dog stepped on me when I was a baby. But don’t let it bother you. Remember, in the land of the blind, One Eye is King.

Lake Våtvatn

Image by Bernt Rostad
Early October morning on the shores of Lake Våtvatn in Buskerud, Norway. The ripples were created by our dog, stepping into the lake to drink.

Mrs. King’s House

Image by Love.Sasha.Lynn
She is in her late eighties and lives here alone. Houston has checked on her a couple of times to make sure all is well. Luckily her back porch is clear so that she and her little dog step out from time to time.

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