Question by maezes: What kind of dog is good with a yorkie?
I’m 16, my mom has a 8 pound yorkie. I want to get a big dog that I can run and play out side with, and not have to worry as much that I’m hart her. What kind of dog would be good to go with a yorkie? Someone told me if I get to big of a dog the big dog may hart and or kill the yorkie with out meaning to…but I don’t want a “small dog”….Can some one please help? Thank you!

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Answer by Sugarbaby
It mostly depends on the personality and temperment of the dog that you get. But Newfoundlands and Great Danes are both breeds with reputations of being gentle giants. When you go to pick out your dog, take your moms dog with you to help you choose a dog that will be best with the yorkie.

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