Question by Alveana: What type of dog food brand should I feed my Cavalier ?
Yes, I’m getting a Cavalier puppy soon, and I was wondering what brand of food I should feed her through her puppy and dog years.

– Natural

– No preservatives

– Cheap, but not affecting the quality of food

– Has to be in a “Small Dog” type formula

– Real Meat in it

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Answer by Kel
Someone on here suggested to me 4health, a brand that Tractor Supply carries. All of their mixes contain real meat (lamb, chicken, etc) as the first ingredient. I switched my dogs to it (they’re still weaning onto it) and so far they’re been great. It’s not too expensive, but it’s not “cheap” either. Only $ 30 or so for a 35lb bag I think. Not bad. You won’t be going through it nearly as quickly as I go through food though, as you have one Cavi and I have four dogs…

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