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What dog breeds and mixes do you consider “designer dogs”?

Question by ABCD: What dog breeds and mixes do you consider “designer dogs”?
So, what dog breeds do you consider designer dog breeds; eg: yorkie, maltese, pomeranian. What else?

Also, what mixes that stupid backyard breeders come up with do you think poeple consider designer mixes; eg: malti-poo, etc.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering why I want to know is because I want to put up a page on my website about how sad it is that most people only want “designer dogs” and how all the other dogs in the world make just as good if not better pets.
To: Chuckles Oh where is Tigger? :(, Alesi’s Chi’s, Schnauzer Mom ♥, and Marna O:

Believe me, I know that and I agree 100%, however that is not the answer I was looking for. I know all about the stupid trend, but I need to know what breeds/mixes you think of when you think of a so-called “designer dog”.
Of course I know that a yorkie, pomeranian, and maltese are purebred dogs; I’m not stupid. I am saying that those are examples of designer BREEDS and what are some different ones. A BREED is an AKC registered dog, so of course I knew they are purebred. Gosh.

Thank you, Libby’s Mommy- R.I.P Rylie. That is the kind of answer I was hoping to get from everyone. What about purebred dogs that are crazed over? Thanks again.
Thank you so much, BulliesRock; that was REALLY helpful, especially those articles. Yes, I agree, it is stupid for people to make such idiotic decisions, and just as stupid for people to think that if a dog is $ 3500, it must be special.

I am very glad to hear you work/volunteer at a shelter and I completely agree, Bullies DO rock.
Wow, Apacapacas. Did you not read my response to the other two answerers that said that? Duh, those breeds are purebred, but they are still crazed over and considered designer, so you are the one that needs to do research. You think someone that knows A TON about animals is that stupid to think that those breeds are mixes; those breeds are in my house as we speak; of course I know they are purebred. Some of you answerers amaze me.

Best answer:

Answer by Chuckles Oh where is Tigger? 🙁
Uhm, any mutt with a stupid name that the BYB/Puppy Mill calls it.

I don’t consider any pure bred a “designer dog” as a “designer dog” is a mutt with a made-up name to fool/scam anyone who is gullible!

yorkie, maltese, pomeranian, etc. Those are NOT “designer dogs”, they are PUREBREDS!

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Where are all the dog friendly places in the Southern California?

Question by crazyy4doggies: Where are all the dog friendly places in the Southern California?
I am currently looking for places that are dog friendly (meaning I can let my dog off leash and not worry) and a place for dogs to be able to swim. I am located in orange County, and you have NO idea how hard it is to find a place where dogs can swim in lakes, or a place to let them off leash.
The typical dog parks here are nothing special, so anyone know of an amazing place?
Not like cafes, but parks with nature and a lake

Best answer:

Answer by cr.benz
Huntington Beach has a dog beach. it is a mile stretch of coastline that is blocked off by the cliffs were you can let your dog of the leash. i go there all the time it’s great.

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DB7 – QN spots Spot the Dog

Achievement unlocked; Spot the dog.
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Just in Time for National Pet Month, Crunchkins?, Inc. Debuts Crunchkins.Com, Making It Easier for Pet Owners to Express Their Love with Edible Greeting Cards

Just in Time for National Pet Month, Crunchkins™, Inc. Debuts Crunchkins.Com, Making It Easier for Pet Owners to Express Their Love with Edible Greeting Cards

New Website Celebrates the Bond Between People and their Pets

(PRWEB) May 09, 2013

Pet parents rejoice! Crunchkins, Inc. is making it easier than ever for loving pet owners to get their hands, and their pet’s paws, on their favorite edible greeting cards and unique pet treats with the introduction of its new E-commerce website, The company, offering America’s first and only patented pet-friendly and fully edible greeting cards for dogs, unveiled its newly redesigned site that includes Crunchkins Cares™, a great way to paw-it forward to other worthy organizations, a new Crunch Club® loyalty program, as well as an online blog dedicated to the health and happiness of all pets.

“Our customers spoke and we listened. Crunchkins’ Crunch Card lovers all over the world wanted an easier way to express their love, loyalty, and appreciation to the pets in their lives and we delivered with our site,” said Dr. Stephen B. Hoy, DVM and founder of Crunchkins, Inc. “Whether it’s your Beagle’s birthday or a holiday greeting for a neighbor’s new kitten, Crunchkins customers now have an easy online platform to search, purchase, and send edible greeting cards for pets that are safe, and fun to give “

Crunchkins’ new consumer-friendly site allows visitors to shop for Crunch Cards based on Occasion, Breed, Holiday, Pet Type (dog or cat), and even by Language. Customers can also join the Crunch Club to earn rewards on purchases, as well as receive exclusive offers, new product updates, and personalized recommendations. The site also features a unique blog where Crunchkins’ founder and seasoned veterinarian Dr. Stephen Hoy and the Crunchkins team share tales and tips to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.

“With the new site, we hope to expand our Crunchkins community of pet lovers, making more tails wag throughout the country,” adds Dr. Hoy.

Crunchkins enhances the special bond between pets and people by providing unique, safe, fun, and enjoyable gifts that allow humans to show affection to their favorite four-legged friend. Crunch Cards are safety tested in the United States and safe for pets, made from carefully pressed natural rawhide and artfully decorated with seasonal or everyday designs using non-toxic, edible ink. The company’s line of Purr-Fect Greetings cards for cats include a premium catnip toy for hours of fun. For the same price as a regular greeting card, consumers can buy an edible one that any pet will love.

For more information about Crunchkins, visit

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