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Christmas on the Trail in Branson

Christmas on the Trail in Branson

Branson, Missouri (PRWEB) August 19, 2013

Branson Ticket & Travel – As the 2013 Christmas Season opens at The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead, visitors will be treated to the most unique Christmas experience to be found in Branson, Missouri. Everyone knows that the Trail of Lights, which has been the cornerstone of the Ozark Mountain Christmas celebration in Branson for well over two decades now, is the most exciting sensory experience to be had in Ozark Mountain Country, featuring over 2-1/2 miles of lights, sound, and motions, with each season bringing a new surprise for the thousands who return year after year to relive this time-tested family memory. But along with this must-see Christmas fantasyland, for the tenth season, visitors will flock by the thousands to see the family-friendly Christmas on the Trail Chuckwagon Dinner Show, in the rustic Pavilion Theatre.

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Unlike any other show in Branson, Christmas on the Trail starts off by getting the family’s bellies full, with a hearty, Christmas dinner. The first thing one will notice, as you head into the Pavilion Theatre, is an authentic, vintage 1800’s chuckwagon, and then “Cowboy Up” to a big, hot, rib-stickin’ bowl of 3-bean Trail stew, a big ladle of Cookie’s Sparklin’ Dutch-oven Taters, an oven roasted chicken quarter, a whole flame-roasted ear of corn, a Texas-size slab of cornbread with honey butter, and a big bowl of fresh-made Dutch-oven cobbler, along with a hot cup of cowboy coffee, iced tea, or lemonade. When finished strappin’ on the feedbag at Christmas on the Trail, bellies will be full, and that’s a promise. And what follows has to be seen to be believed!

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Join in around our campfire scene, set against live trees and a beautiful Ozarks night scene, as a Cowboy Christmas is shared, complete with heart-warming cowboy Christmas music, classic Christmas Carols, and one-of-a-kind cowboy poems and recitations sure to bring both a smile and a tear, as we celebrate a traditional Christmas the way it used to be. There is nothing quite as intimate as friends gathering around the campfire, to share the true spirit of Christmas, and this experience that has been shared by Branson visitors and PBS audiences alike, is once again here to enjoy. In addition to this being the 10th Anniversary season for Christmas on the Trail’s live performances, Yeller Dog Productions, the company that produces Christmas on the Trail, is excited to announce that the national clearinghouse organization for PBS affiliates across America, The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), has followed on the limited release last year of a one-hour video production of “Christmas On The Trail,” by making the broadcast available nation wide, for the third year in a row, this coming Christmas season. NETA’s re-release of this celebrated Christmas special now has made the program available to 99% of the United States viewing audience, through approximately 350 local and regional PBS stations, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers and homes. The most recent auditing data indicates that 121.9 million Americans view PBS programming on a monthly basis, and during the 2012 Christmas season, half of those stations, reaching more than 40 million homes, aired “Christmas on the Trail.” These familiar carols and unique cowboy reflections will touch the heart and stir up old memories, all in the comfort of the climate controlled Pavilion Theatre!

And here’s the kicker! There is no choice between the legendary Trail of Lights and the unforgettable Christmas on the Trail show! The family gets both, as the dinner show ticket also includes the Trail of Lights! As one drives through this 2-1/2 mile display of lights, sound, and motion, you’ll see millions of multi-colored Christmas lights and themed, animated displays, winding its way through the 160-acre Shepherd of the Hills Homestead, and straight into the very Heart of Christmas! Included in the Trail is a trip up the area’s largest Christmas tree – the 230-foot Inspiration Tower – for a Santa’s-eye view of the Trail of Lights, and a complimentary cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or spiced cider!

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Join around the campfire, and ride two Trails for the price of one, as we create a Christmas memory the whole family will want to relive over and over, at Christmas on the Trail and The Trail of Lights, this Christmas season at The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead, November 1st through December 31st. For information and reservations, call 1-800-432-4202.

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Ditka and his candy cane


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Unwrapping gifts


Image by juliedos
Thanks for the fleece vest, Grandma and Grandpa. It’s yummy!

Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County John Rapillo Comments on Report About Proposal To Protect Cyclists

Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County John Rapillo Comments on Report About Proposal To Protect Cyclists

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown is considering signing a bill that establishes a mandatory buffer zone between drivers and bicyclists traveling in the same direction, a proposal that Orange County personal injury lawyer John Rapillo today said could save lives if signed into law.

Commenting on an article about the proposal in (California Gov. Jerry Brown to consider road safety measure, Sept. 4), Rapillo said cyclists who have a legal right to use the road have been seriously injured or killed in accidents due to a driver’s negligence.

“Most cyclists who ride on a regular basis have probably had a close call with a passing car or a truck,” said Rapillo, a car accident attorney who represents victims of negligence and families who lost loved ones in accidents. “The law states that drivers must pass at a safe distance. What’s a safe distance? The law does not currently say, and that can make it difficult in determining liability if a cyclist is injured or killed.”

According to, the governor is weighing approving a bill that calls for drivers to pass at least 3 feet to the left of bicyclists on California roads. The bill was approved last month by California lawmakers and is awaiting Brown’s signature.

The proposed law would mean a $ 35 fine for a violator or a $ 220 fine if the violator strikes a cyclist, reports. The law would go into effect next year if Brown signs the proposal, according to the news story.

“As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact of bicycle accidents,” Rapillo said. “In so many cases, a cyclist is riding legally on the side of the road and is struck down by a careless motorist. In the blink of an eye, the cyclist goes from being completely healthy to dealing with a lifetime of serious health problems.”

Rapillo said the cycling bill is a step in the right direction toward holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

Rapillo said personal injury lawyers can help victims of negligence pursue compensation for their losses. An attorney also can help victims and their families send a message that careless actions by drivers will not be tolerated on California roads.

For more information about what to do after a serious or fatal bicycle accident in Southern California and the legal options available to families, call (800) 814-4771 or go to:

About the Law Offices of John Rapillo

An experienced, knowledgeable lawyer with more than 30 years experienced, Orange County personal injury lawyer John Rapillo provides quality legal advice to injury victims throughout Southern California. The Law Offices of John Rapillo has offices in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. The law firm handles a wide range of cases, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, construction accidents and pedestrian accidents. Attorney Rapillo works on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing if you don’t win. Contact the Law Offices of John Rapillo today for a free case evaluation.

The Law Offices of John Rapillo

17011 Beach Boulevard

Suite 900

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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How do you get your puppy to stop jumping up, chewing on your clothes and nipping at you?

Question by lopku: How do you get your puppy to stop jumping up, chewing on your clothes and nipping at you?
My puppy is 9 weeks and he will run after me jump up and then start chewing on my clothes and nipping at me. I also have two young kids, so I need to stop this problem. I keep telling him “off” and then good when he is sitting back down. I tell him “no biting” when he nips at me and I have offered him a toy. I also keep saying good boy right after he has stopped doing something. I have looked all over the internet on what to do and I have read/watched youtube videos with all different advice. What should I do? Any dog trainers here? Also, about how long does it take before he starts to change this behavior with good training? Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by NordicLass
When he jumps, turn away from him and cross your arms. if he jumps again, turn and move away from him.
When he bites, put him on a leash, and put him behind a baby gate for a while till he calms down.
When he chews on your clothes, remove him from the room.
I did these techniques with my Rottweiler x German shepherd puppy, and she doesn’t bite and hardly jumps up anymore. Keep treats on hand for good behaviour, such as leaving something alone when you tell him to. or when he puts his paws back on the floor from jumping up, say “down” and give him a treat.
You’ll get there eventually, it takes a lot of time and patience.
Good luck.

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Michigan Diabetic Alert Training for Dogs Warns Owners of Blood Sugar Changes After First Session

Michigan Diabetic Alert Training for Dogs Warns Owners of Blood Sugar Changes After First Session

Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Training

Plymouth, MI (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Front Street PR recently announced that Michael Burkey, President of Michigan Dog Training (MDT) LLC, 1031 Cherry Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170 hosted a Diabetic Alert Dog “Train the Trainer” Workshop on October 5-7, 2013. The instructor was Linda Cree owner of BFF Dog Training of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. She is a professional Diabetic Alert Dog Trainer and nurse who specializes in diabetic health and awareness.

“It is amazing how the dogs picked up on the low blood sugar scent so quickly, in just two days of training.” Continues Cree, “It takes about four months total to train a DAD dog, six weeks for the scent training in various environments and four months total to complete the public access obedience training. However, during and shortly after the seminar, three dogs alerted on two participants who were not aware that their blood sugar had gone low.”

In the first occasion, two dogs gave an alert on a known positive sample of low blood sugar scent but left the known scent to alert on a participant was was holding a negative sample (scent source that did not contain the low blood sugar sample). After both dogs alerted on the person, Cree urged the participant to test her blood level. She did and found her blood sugar level to be less than 70 which the dogs are trained to alert on.

In the second occasion, a participant was driving home after the seminar when her dog began to scratch at his crate and bark desperately trying to get to his owner. Two minutes later, she felt nauseous and thus pulled the car over to the side of the road. Shortly thereafter, she threw up. When she recovered enough to drive home, she tested her blood sample and found that it had also gone low to a level of approximately 66.

Burkey stated, “The seminar presented by Linda Cree was extremely informative and professional. The trainers gained the information they needed to be able to add Diabetic Alert Dog training to their list of services and/or train their own Diabetic Alert dog as some of the participants have diabetes themselves.”

Persons who believe a Diabetic Alert Dog would help them manage their Diabetes should contact Michael Burkey, President of Michigan Dog Training LLC at 734-634-4152. MDT will train a DAD dog or work with a client within a training course.


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