New And Improved Equipment To Train Pets Without Hurting Them

Billings, Montana (PRWEB) October 25, 2012 is now offering high quality name brand products, designed to provide consumers with a more complete and safe dog training experience. They have created a unique system which combines a passion for the animal with the proper equipment needed in training procedures. At, they embrace the idea that a pet is a part of the family and provide products which reflect that.

Not only do they provide top of the line equipment, but has made themselves far superior to their competitors by providing videos to their clients, teaching them how to utilize the products which are sold on their website. Their unique system makes training even the most stubborn of new puppies simple and rewarding. “Don’t let [a lack of information] be an excuse to not properly train your new family member.” The combined power of the videos that they provide, with the high quality and safe products available on their website, gives them a unique advantage which their clients love!

For many years past, dog owners have believed that striking the animal will teach them that what they have done is bad, and discourage them from repeating the action. The experts at say, “Spanking your dog is highly frowned upon because it can make your dog afraid of you or make it turn violent. It is best to use hands free discipline.” They provide many pieces of equipment for remote dog training, which allows the owner to let the animal know when they have misbehaved, without the use of violence. The most advanced remote dog training system that they offer can be used from over a mile away from the pet. This allows pet owners to discipline a dog, without the use of violence, without even being close to the animal.

One of the most vast collections that can be found at is their dog containment system collection. It ranges from underground fences to crates, with everything in between. Many collars and underground fences used in the past could be damaging to the animal – with metal probes used to shock the skin when the animal stepped too far off the perimeter. The Comfort Contact system provided by uses rubber rather than metal, to cushion the dog’s neck, providing a comfortable fit. “Veterinarians prefer the softness of the Comfort Contacts to help reduce the incidence of skin irritations.” For their clients whose dog containment issues lie within the home, they provide large, beautiful pet pens. These pens are offered in several different materials and meant to provide enough space that the dog can feel happy without being destructive to the home. The variety of materials and colors works nicely for those clients who finds home decor important.

Because every dog that is intended to be kept indoors will need to be house broken, there is an abundance of media available on the market regarding house breaking a dog. provides state of the art equipment designed to train dogs to behave, even when their owners are way. Puppy pads have been utilized for years by owners who are often forced to leave their dogs home alone. The dog learns to use the pad, rather than the floor. In every home, there are rooms and pieces of furniture which the animal is preferred to stay away from. They also offer a spray deterent which detects movement as far as three feet away, and releases a quick, safe spray which does nothing more than startle the pet. They quickly learn to stay away from these places. This device works for cats as well as dogs!

The number one form of dog barking control over the past several years is the shock collar – or e-collar – which sends an electric shock through neck of the dog each time it barks. Over the course of over thirty years, this technology has developed to suit a variety of pet owners and their desires to keep their pets from harm. provides the very latest in dog barking control technology. The newest collars provided on their website are pleasing to pet owners everywhere because they never harm the animal in any way. Each time the dog barks, the collar releases a citronella scent, which is extremely unpleasant to animals. They quickly begin to relate this odor to barking and learn to stay quiet to avoid the odor. The same idea is applied to the ultrasonic dog barking control device, which releases an unpleasant noise that can only be heard by animals.

Many of the returning clients to use their pets for hunting. They offer all the equipment needed when teaching a dog how and what to hunt. Their unique remote dog training collars even come in camouflage, so the animal will fit right in with the group he is hunting with. For their clients who are just starting out, they offer volumes of informational DVDs, providing all the sources needed in order to know how to effectively train a dog to be the ideal hunting partner. Hunting dogs can be kept hydrated by a unique dog canteen, which is specifically designed for dogs on the go. For added protection to the dog, many of these clients also love the K9 goggles sold here, which effectively protect the eyes of the dog.

In order to establish a balance between healthy discipline and comfort and love, also provides a huge collection of items which create a comfortable environment for the animals. From beds, car seats, and dog houses, to grooming supplies – everything a pet owner might need is available in one place. To suit the needs of every pet, offers beds with many features. “Manufactured with the quality and care you’ve come to expect; all of our beds are washable with material, stuffing, and stitching that lasts!” Some of the high quality pet beds found on their website are heated to provide a warm place for a cold-natured puppy to rest. They also offer beds which are naturally cooler, for those who prefer a cold surface after playing hard. A bed is like a refuge to an animal and should be a place where they can feel safe. The beds can be placed inside one of the doghouses sold on the website, or they can be used alone.

When traveling with an animal, getting pet hair across the entire vehicle is nearly unavoidable. That is why they offer seat covers which are comfortable to the pet and keep the seats of the car clear of fur and drool. These seat covers come in many colors and patterns. Keeping an animal bathed and groomed is another way that suggests be used to reduce shedding. They provide name brand grooming supplies including clippers for hair and nails, brushes, dog baths, and even shampoo – to make the grooming process simple and stress free. An animal’s health would not be complete without a proper vitamin regimen. Of course medication and vitamins for all dogs are also available at!

When pet owners purchase items like those available on, battery life and availability can be a fairly large concern. Nobody wants to purchase system after system because the battery wears out too quickly. They are aware of their clients concerns and answer them by providing all that is necessary for the maintaining of the equipment sold on their website, including batteries and antennas. They explain, “ Most of our competitors only sell the systems so they can profit more. We choose to be on the consumers side to save them money.” They go on to say “Don’t just buy a new system. Save your money and buy your SportDog accessories from us to keep your old one running like new.”

Aside from their unique and safe pet training products, their website is filled with invaluable tips. Every page provides advice which could be useful to the experienced pet owner, and equally useful to those who are new to the thought of training an animal. “Every dog trainer will agree: to train a dog to do anything starts when they are a puppy with obedience.” The combination of their pet-friendly products, training videos, and helpful tips has made them a force to be reckoned with in the world of pet products.

To learn more about the sport dog training system, and find products which are safe for your pets, visit They can also be contacted with questions by emails sent to [email protected]

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